Why buy a bike from R&A Cycles

Why buy or ship a bike with R&A Cycles?

Shipping bikes can be tricky. They are big and bulky yet delicate. Shipping your passion/investment is not something we take lightly. We go through meticulous detail to ensure that your new ride will get to you in perfect condition.

The R&A Cycles White Glove Delivery service is simple and covers 95% of the Continental United States. If your zip code falls into this category, your bike will be built, thoroughly tested, put on our truck completely assembled, and delivered to your front door ready to go! In the rare chance your zip code doesn't fall into our coverage area, don’t worry. Your bike will go through the same procedure but it will be slightly disassembled to fit into our custom-made box, 'The Transporter', and shipped to your door. If shipped in a box, you'll simply need to install the seat post, put on the front wheel, and your pedals. Prior to shipping in any form, our fulfillment team will contact you to discuss any special requests you may have with your purchase as well as confirm the way we are shipping your bike. So don't let buying a bike online make you nervous. We do our very best to eliminate all the complications and make your buying experience easy!

So you've purchased the bike of your dreams! We put together this video to outline the R&A concept of shipping bikes and the steps we take to get your new bike to you in perfect condition. It outlines the steps we carefully follow to assemble your bike, making it as easy as possible to get your bike ready to ride and on the road when you receive it. This video also shares tips and tricks for removing all of your parts in the most careful way to ensure you are riding as quickly as possible.

* Not all bikes are equal so some bikes might not fit in the transporter and or might be packaged differently in it for safe travels.