Colnago V4RS

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Handcrafted for Victory! Colnago V4Rs

Colnago V4Rs

A bike engineered and built for one purpose: winning. A bike that stands out from the rest and why it's the ultimate choice for riders who demand the absolute best in ride performance.

Stiff and Responsive Carbon

The V4Rs features unique carbon laminations that have been meticulously designed and tested to ensure maximum stiffness and responsiveness. This translates to immediate and efficient power transfer, giving you an edge over the competition.

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Colnago C4Rs

Unparalleled Rideability and Precision

With a lightened and revised fork, the V4Rs offers unmatched rideability, especially on downhill descents, in group rides, and on technical courses. Experience precise handling and control like never before.

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Optimized Aerodynamics

The V4Rs boasts an optimized front area that follows aerodynamic lines, making it the ideal choice for solo efforts, breakaways, and sprint finishes. Feel the difference as you cut through the wind with ease.

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Colnago C4Rs
Colnago C4Rs

Versatile Tire Compatibility

Embracing evolving cycling trends, the V4Rs accommodates wheels up to 32mm, catering to a wide range of riding preferences and ensuring compatibility with various wheel and tire options on the market.

Colnago C4Rs

Enhanced Headset Technology

Equipped with CeramicSpeed's SLT headset bearings, the V4Rs minimizes maintenance needs, allowing you to focus on your rides without worrying about frequent adjustments.

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Colnago C4Rs

Improved Bike Fitting

Finding your perfect riding position is easier with the V4Rs, thanks to its linear increase in reach and stack across different geometries. Enjoy a customized fit for maximum comfort and performance.

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Colnago C4Rs


At R&A Cycles, we want you to build your dream V4RS for your next fight with the roads. Below, you will find various curated builds that complement the V4RS's essence. For those who want a bespoke experience do not hesitate to chat, email, or call us.

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