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OPEN Min.d
OPEN Min.d

OPEN Cycles made their name crafting bikes that achieve a sublime balance of minimal design with maximum capability. The ONE+ is among the lightest mountain bike platforms ever crafted, and the U.P. and U.P.P.E.R. bring elevated levels of form and function to the world of gravel bikes. But now, OPEN is onto something new: the tarmac.

The MIN.D. is a fresh-sheet design from OPEN, aimed squarely at the pavement, marrying the brand’s trademark style and engineering into their first-ever dedicated platform for the road. Below, we shed some light on this remarkable new bike. Check it out:

OPEN Min.d

Geometry for the Open Road

Unlike prior drop-bar OPENs, the MIN.D (an abbreviation of Minimal Design) is built around road-specific geometry, and can take tires up to 32mm max. It eschews aerodynamic concerns, and is engineered to absorb road vibration and accommodate endurance positioning, meaning it’s meant for long distances without fatigue.

Lighter Than Thought Possible

The MIN.D.’s “R-Turn” fork is simply the lightest disc-ready fork out there, at only 335g, while the frame itself, painted with hardware, weighs just 870g. The combined weight of 1205g is outrageously low for a bike this smooth, this planted, and this stiff under power.

OPEN Min.d RaceMax
OPEN Min.d RaceMax

Thru-Axles Front & Rear

Thru-axles are making their way into road bikes, and their advantages are something that OPEN’s engineers realized from the development of their world-class gravel bikes. Better handling, better steering, better stability all result from the MIN.D. having thru-axles front and rear.

Integrated Seatpost

To reduce weight and improve ride quality, OPEN made the bold move to integrate the MIN.D.’s seatpost into the frame. A smoother, more comfortable ride results from the 25mm post (the industry standard is 27.2mm) without giving up strength, with clamps that offer adjustment of up to 35mm, so you have some wiggle room.

OPEN Min.d RaceMax

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