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Silca Tools

The BEST tools on and off the bike!


Great tools are just as necessary as a great bike for riding at your best. Here at R&A Cycles, we have you covered with the best tools for any job imaginable.

See our Silca Tools here!
Enve SES Wheels

ENVE launches a new, redesigned line of SES wheels

New for 2022 is a refined SES wheel lineup. It maintains SES aero excellence and raises the bar for the weight, strength, tubeless, and versatility requirements of the modern road cyclist and triathlete.

See them here!
Assos Spring 2022 Collection

Assos Spring 2022 Collection

Equipment with lightweight, breathable insulation and added protective coverage for optimal comfort for spring.

See the Assos Spring 2022 Line here!
Gravel Bikes

Gravel Bikes

Thanks to the advent of the gravel bike, these unpaved roads are accessible and a great source of fun and adventure. Gravel bikes offer amazing versatility, allowing you to ride down a paved road one minute, then veer off onto a dirt road, then onto a dirt trail. With a gravel bike, you never know what you might discover or where you might end up.

Check out our entire selection of gravel bikes HERE
Garmin Forerunner 955

Garmin Forerunner 955

The premium GPS running and triathlon smartwatch

See the Garmin Forerunner 955 here!
Bike Fit

What to expect from getting a bike fit at R&A Cycles

Lots of people ask why they need a fit or what do they get for paying for a fit. This video will help you understand what we do here at R&A Cycles and what you can expect from getting a bike fit from us!

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R&A Cycles on Instagram

R&A Cycles on Instagram

Do you follow us on Instagram? If not, you might want to do that. Keep up to date on new cycling products and events!

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Time-Lapse bike build

Time-Lapse bike build - Perfection takes time

It used to take a good mechanic less than an hour and a half to build a bike from a bare frame to a complete bike. Now, with the advent of aero bikes, disc brakes, internal cable, and brake hose lines, it takes much longer. As cycling technology progresses, it becomes more and more important to trust a high-quality mechanic with your build. At R&A Cycles, you can always be sure that your bike is in great hands with our world-class team. We wanted to share with you the time it now takes to build a complete bike from the ground up.

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