Bike Fit

The Fit is clearly the most important part of any bike purchase. A cyclist Fit needs to be precise for any cyclist to enjoy their bike and feel the want to ride more. Fit comes in to play twice during any bike purchase, once before you purchase a frame and again after.

The first step to our Fit system is determining frame size. Although, this is the most important step to any frame purchase we still recommend to first determine which frame you like or follow the ADAPTATION program and let us help you choose what suits you. Please be aware that we do not use any standardized calculations or formulas to determine your size. We use R&A specific Solutions that have worked for 30 years+ and include the most important part of fitting, EXPERIENCE. So once you have chosen which bike you would like, please follow the measuring steps below and email or call with your measurements.

The second step to our Fit System can be done online, but more effectively in person. If you find yourself at our Fit Center / Retail Showroom in Brooklyn, New York, we would gladly fit you and shape you to the bike that suits you best. If you are not able to visit our showroom then we recommend either visiting a local fit specialist or calling us to setup a fit digitally. (Digital fits only available to R&A Customers).

Overall Height:

Please measure from the floor to the top of your head.


Floor to Pelvis (Crotch)

Please use a hard book or stick. Place the book/stick firmly against your Pelvis (inner Crotch). When we say firm we mean just where you feel it. Make sure book/stick is level. With your feet spread 6 inches (15cm) apart measure from the floor to the top of the book/stick.


Floor to just above the Sternal Notch

With your shoes off and your feet spread 6” apart - Measure from the soft tissue area just above the sternum notch down to the floor. This area is generally considered the lowest part of your neck. It is an indentation just above your sternum and in between your clavicle (shoulder) bones.

Arm Length:

Outside of Shoulder bone to Knuckle

Leave your arms down and to your side. Do not flex or suspend your arms. With two fingers, feel across the shoulders from the neck over, to feel for a bone that protrudes out the side of your shoulders. Measure from this point down your arm in a straight line to your center knuckle.


Fibula to Greater Trochanter

With two fingers, feel down the hip until you feel the Greater Trochanter which is a bone that protrudes out the side of your hip. Proceed to measure from the Greater Trochanter to the Fibula. To find the Fibula look for the bone that protrudes out the outside side of your knees.