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Corsa G+ Clincher Tire Specifications

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Corsa G+ Clincher Tire Geometry / Size Chart

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Vittoria Corsa G+ Clincher Tire <p>Sometimes you just want to stick with clinchers, even on race days, because of their reliability and ease of use. The Vittoria Corsa G+ Clincher Tire will give you the high-quality advancements that can be found throughout the updated Corsa range while not sacrificing the flexibility, durability and painless repairs inherent in clincher tires.</p> <p>To get a perspective on just how much Vittoria has improved the already excellent Corsa range, you should start by getting your head around the fact that these G+ Clinchers are the least exalted. But that wouldn&rsquo;t stop them from being the top option in just about any tire company&rsquo;s line up. The Corsa G+ Clincher Tire remains admirably lightweight while offering a reported 19% reduced resistance to rolling compared to any other tire, including the old Corsas, that do not use the Graphene material, which is the new paramount ingredient. The G+ in the tire name stands for the Graphene that is incorporated into the rubber compound. Graphene is a carbon compound two to eight atoms wide added to the rubber, which works to help reduce rolling resistance and weight while increasing durability and wet-weather grip. The tires will be hard and fast when plowing through a long straight, but then supple and grippy once you need to fly down a technical descent. </p> <p>In addition to the G+ Isotech technology that Vittoria is using to revolutionize their tire range, the Corsa G+ Clinchers use the Corespun K 320 TPI mixture that adds Kevlar to the threads for the casing that will materially increase the strength and durability. From sidewall to sidewall, you won&rsquo;t have to worry about untoward punctures, even if your regular ride takes you along brambly bike trails. The Corsa G+ Clinchers also use the 4C mix of compounds that layer four separate compounds into the tread. You&rsquo;ll get the sort of grip and flex versatility that will be so essential in your varied training roads. The 4C structure allows for separate base and surface compounds at both the center and side areas of the tread. This helps the tire to be tuned to different, even conflicting, performance characteristics when and where you need them: tread flex, rebound, grip, stability, etc.</p> <p>When you can get the same level of performance out of your clinchers as you could tubulars, you don&rsquo;t need to feel you are sacrificing convenience for functionality. The Vittoria Corsa G+ Clincher Tire will be durable enough to slip on your everyday riding wheels while still offering the lightweight advantage you&rsquo;ll be looking for on race day.</p>
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