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Salming Miles Shoes <p>The Salming Miles shoe is, not surprisingly, footwear for pounding out the miles. It's a cushioned, durable, long-distance shoe, at home on cement, asphalt, gravel, and even dirt.</p> <p>Salming has a rule of five for their footwear. Light, flexible, flat, thin, comfortable. They've amped up the comfort, by adding cushioning under the feet, and adding in their Recoil midsole. The midsole has higher rebound than traditional cushioning, which can add a some spring, literally, to the pushing off phase of your step. They also increased the size of the toe box, making it roomier, anticipating the expansion of your forefoot in the landing phase. With these two features, they changed the drop of the shoe from their typical 5mm to 4mm. The shoe should run the same, but the change is a result of the greater cushion.</p> <p>As for the rest of the construction, the Miles ticks off Salming's most famous features. There's the TGS 62/75, which is their way of controlling the shoe fore-aft flex to mimic the foot's natural flexion. There's a flex point 62% of the distance from the heel to the toe. And rather than flexing straight across, the flex point is at a 75-degree angle, which mimics how the ball of your foot is angled across from the outside to the inside. There is a Torsion Efficiency Unit connecting the heel to the forefoot. As the name indicates it limits torsional flex and focuses that energy into forward propulsion. And, as with all Salming shoes, the upper is light and thin and bonded to an exoskeleton that wraps around the foot, keeping it firmly in place and eliminating lateral slop.</p> <p>The Salming Miles shoe turns the pounding into propulsion.</p> <p>The purpose of the Salming Miles running shoe is to add a more cushioned shoe without compromising the Salming concept and principles. It is built to stand the tear and wear of long distance asphalt and tarmac running. Miles has a Drop 4mm construction but compared to the popular and award winning Distance model, Miles has more heel and fore foot cushioning and the new responsive Recoil midsole compound. / The toe box is more roomy than on Distance in order to provide a possibility for the fore foot to expand properly in the landing phase, making it more effective in a biomechanical perspective. </p> <p>Salming Rule of Five: light, flexible, flat, thin, comfortable.</p>
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