The New KASK Elemento Cycling Helmet

Unleashing the Elemento: Beyond Expectations, Beyond Limits

by Troy Morgan


KASK Elemento Cycling Helmet

In the relentless pursuit of peak performance, the KASK Elemento transcends the ordinary, offering more than just superior aerodynamics and lightweight design. It represents a paradigm shift in helmet technology, introducing revolutionary design and cutting-edge features to redefine safety and thermal comfort for every cycling discipline – road, cross-country, cyclocross, or gravel. A collaborative masterpiece with the INEOS Grenadiers Cycling Team, the Elemento is meticulously crafted for the demands of professional and semi-professional athletes, setting new benchmarks in aerodynamics, ventilation, and overall performance.

Innovative Technologies for Maximum Impact

  1. Fluid Carbon 12 Technology: The Elemento introduces Fluid Carbon 12, a composite technopolymer that goes beyond conventional materials. It not only absorbs more energy during impacts but also distributes the force uniformly across the entire helmet. This breakthrough allows for an expansion of internal channels, enhancing ventilation, while optimizing aerodynamics by reducing ventilation hole sizes.

  2. Multipod 3D-Printed Padding: KASK's proprietary Multipod technology, a 3D-printed elastomer material, reinforces the helmet's resilience against linear and rotational impacts. Functioning isotropically, it ensures consistent energy absorption, regardless of impact direction. The result is a helmet that stands strong against the forces of the ride.

OCTOFIT+ Precision Fit System

The Elemento features the OCTOFIT+ helmet retention system, providing a level of fit customization that goes beyond the ordinary. Achieve superior safety and stability with a finely tuned fit, ensuring the helmet stays securely in place during the most demanding rides.

Reflective Visibility for Safety

Enhance rider visibility with a strategically placed reflective graphic at the back of the Elemento. This thoughtful addition ensures that safety is not compromised, even in low-light conditions.


Multipod, a cutting-edge isotropic material that not only elevates the management of rotational impact energy but also revolutionizes ventilation within the helmet. This advanced material boasts a consistent response to external forces, behaving uniformly regardless of the direction in which the force is applied. Multipod is engineered to diminish shear stress between the head and the interior of the helmet, ensuring a heightened level of comfort and protection.

In simpler terms, Multipod's isotropic nature means it reacts predictably and effectively, irrespective of the angle or direction of impact. This not only enhances safety by optimizing rotational impact management but also promotes superior airflow, contributing to a more comfortable and enjoyable riding experience. Embrace the next frontier in helmet technology with Multipod – where isotropy meets innovation for unrivaled performance and rider well-being.

Fluid Carbon 2:

Kask's groundbreaking composite material – a true innovation that not only revolutionizes helmet design but sets new standards in performance, safety, and comfort. This cutting-edge composite allows for a reduction in the thickness of the EPS from the inner shell, ushering in a new era of improved ventilation and aerodynamics.

This advanced material goes beyond conventional expectations by not only enhancing airflow but also by redefining impact resilience. By optimizing energy distribution during impacts, our composite ensures a superior level of protection for riders. Moreover, it introduces a low-friction surface between the helmet and the impact surface, mitigating forces and further elevating safety measures.

In essence, this composite material isn't just a leap forward in helmet technology; it's a holistic approach to redefine your cycling experience. Embrace the future of ventilation, aerodynamics, and safety with a helmet that goes beyond expectations.


Hyvent, engineered for the ultimate in comfort and performance – our innovative design is meticulously crafted to optimize airflow and thermal regulation, ensuring an unrivaled experience for every rider.

The intricate structure of our helmet is a symphony of aerodynamics and thermal management, strategically designed to channel airflow efficiently. Every curve and contour is a purposeful element in this orchestration, allowing a continuous flow of air to envelop the rider's head. This not only enhances cooling during intense rides but also contributes to an overall more comfortable and enjoyable cycling experience.


Octofit+, Kask's latest innovation introduces an overinjected rubber dial, elevating your control with an enhanced finger grip. Perfect for on-the-go adjustments, this dial ensures a snug fit with just a touch, allowing you to focus on the ride.

Designed for riders with longer hair, our vertical stabilizer has undergone a transformation for unparalleled stability. Enjoy a customized fit that adapts to your unique preferences, offering both security and comfort for those with longer locks.

The ergonomic neck support is a testament to our commitment to speed and security. Providing a fast and secure fit against the back of the head, it ensures that your helmet stays in place, allowing you to confidently tackle any terrain. Octofit+ isn't just a system; it's a tailored experience, recognizing the diverse needs of riders and delivering a fit that goes beyond expectations.

Conclusion: A New Chapter in Cycling Helmets

The KASK Elemento transcends expectations, pushing the boundaries of what a cycling helmet can achieve. Whether you're conquering the road, navigating cross-country trails, tackling cyclocross challenges, or venturing into gravel adventures, the Elemento stands as a testament to innovation and uncompromising performance. Elevate your ride, embrace the future – this is not just a helmet; it's the Elemento experience.

Experience the revolution. Experience KASK Elemento.


  • Materials:

    • Inner padding material: Merino wool

    • Chinstrap material: Polyester

    • Shell finish: Shiny

  • Standard Detail:
    • Standard: CPSC 1203

  • Weight:

    • Weight: 250 GRAM

Kask Elemento Helmet Kask Elemento Helmet

Multipod: KASK's proprietary 3D-printed internal padding

Kask Elemento Helmet Kask Elemento Helmet Kask Elemento Helmet - OCTOFIT+

OCTOFIT+ The new overinjected rubber dial provides improved finger grip.

Kask Elemento Helmet - MULTIPOD

MULTIPOD An isotropic material that allows better management of rotational impact energy and increases ventilation.