The R&A OTTO-Matic Tuning System

Thank you for purchasing your new bicycle from R&A Cycles. We're excited for you to hop on and take it for its first ride. When we built and packed your bike for shipping, we tuned everything up to be ready to go. However, during transition, and after your first few rides, the bike may "settle" a bit, and it may need a small tuning adjustment after only a few rides. That's why we've included a free 7-day trial of R&A's OTTO-Matic Tuning System, Powered by the OTTO Tuning System, with your new machine. If you feel your bike's shifting isn't perfect in your first week of riding, follow the instructions below:

Step One:

Install the OTTO app on your smartphone.

Step Two:

Put your drivetrain in the fourth gear down from your largest cog, then install OTTO's two gauges onto your bike.

Step Three:

Hold the camera of your phone up to the gauges, then wait a second for the app to read them.

Step Four:

See the data readout on your smartphone. The three pieces of data (tune index, derailleur angle,and twist angle) will let you know if your bike needs any adjustment.

For more info on R&A's OTTO-Matic Tuning System and the OTTO Tuning System, please contact us directly at 718-222-6000 or



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