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Not all power meters are created equal.

Precision instruments hand assembled in Boulder, Colorado. From the Pro Peloton to the Grand Tours, the best athletes ride Stages. Elite training tools designed to improve any bike, any drivetrain and any rider.

SRM Origin
SRM Origin

Dual-sided accuracy.
For the most accurate, advanced and useful data, Stages registers your power individually on each side. Collecting data on the power generated by each leg will help you adjust your ride and help you go faster with more ease. Each meter made by Stages is individually calibrated and tested, first with no weight, then with a 90 kg load.

Winning a winning record in the toughest conditions.
With overall wins in the Tour de France, Giro d’Italia and more, no other power meter is as tested—or as trusted—as Stages. Durable, accurate under any temperature and IPX7 waterproof.

Technological integration.
Data is only useful if you can easily view and analyze it. Bluetooth and ANT+ compatibility help transfer all of your ride statistics to the Stages Link App. This app helps riders create custom training plans and daily workouts to help catalyze improvement and reach goals.

Super light and super reliable.
Replacing a standard crankset with a stages power meter is only a small weight sacrifice. Despite its electronic components, it avoids becoming bulky, adding just 20 grams - a small price to pay for a tool that assures accuracy to within 1.5 percent.

SRM Origin
SRM Origin

Power is the most consistent and quantifiable measure of training and race performance. This differs from measurements like heart rate - an aerobic response that is an indicator of effort and conditioning - or speed / cadence - a result influenced by many factors.

Harness your power.

  • Eliminate guesswork from training and race day.
  • Accurate baseline to measure improvements
  • Analyse your pedal stroke
  • Help to define your weaknesses.
  • Train specifically for the demands of your event.
  • Aerodynamic position testing.