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Straight To Your Door: Pick-up & Drop-off Bicycle Service

We've been selling the world's finest bicycles to the greater New York City area (and beyond) for four decades now. We’ve accumulated vast experience cleaning, repairing, and rebuilding a wider variety of high-end machines than any shop on the planet. Our mechanics work quickly, smoothly, and flawlessly on exotic bikes that most other shops never even see through their doors (much less sell).

However, we also understand that our location in Brooklyn is a bit out of the way for some of our customers. That's why we've begun R&A's pick-up/drop-off service, part of our new R&A Lab initiative to learn from our customers how we can serve them even better. Give us a call or fill out the form on the right to set up and appointment and see how our experience can become your convenience. Experience what the best mechanics in the world have to offer without needing to leave your house.

So how does it work?

1. Set up an Appointment

We want to make it simple: Call us up or or fill out the form on the right. If you call, our service manager will walk you through some options and give you an initial estimate of what your bike may need, then we'll coordinate the logistics - just let us know what time and day works best for you.

2. We Pick Up Your Bike

When we sort out your service options and designate a pick up time window, an R&A bike support member will arrive within that time to pick up your machine and bring it back to the R&A Bike Lab in Brooklyn using our bike Support Vehicle. Once received by the service technician, he will assess the work requested and contact you to confirm the work being done.

3. When Service is Complete, We’ll Bring It Back

Once The R&A Bike Lab has completed your bike's service, we'll contact you to schedule the return drop-off of your bike.

What’s the cost?

For customers who’ve purchased their bike or bikes from us, our pick-up/drop-off service is free of charge for a two-year period from the date of purchase if you live within our designated pick-up/drop-off service area. If you didn’t purchase your bike from us, or you purchased it more than two years ago, the cost of the pick up and drop off is $50 total. Please see our Pick-Up/Drop-Off Service Area Map for details.

Average Estimated Costs for common requests:

  • Tuneups: $85
  • Brake Adjustments: $10 per Brake
  • Cable Change: $10 plus parts
  • Gear Adjustments: $10 per Derailleur
  • Cable Change: $10 plus parts
  • New Chain Installation: $15 plus parts
  • Complete Bike Wash and Degreasing: $60
  • Crash Inspection: $35
  • Complete Overhaul: $300 Mechanical Drivetrain, $345 Electronic Drivetrain
  • Hub Rebuild: $25 front, $35 rear
  • Power Meter Calibration/Testing: $75 (only available on power meters we support)
  • Clincher Tire/Tube Installations: $8 per wheel plus parts
  • Tubular Tire Installations: $30 per wheel (doesn’t include old glue removal if necessary - $10)
  • Wheel Truing: Starting at $15 per wheel depending on condition

All prices are subject to change. Prices may vary based on the bike model, type, or particular parts installed. Prices listed are average prices. For more service cost questions, please consult an R&A Service technician by calling us, e-mailing us, or filling out the pick-up request form to begin on the right.

Pick-Up/Drop-Off Service Area Map:

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