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Look SRM Exakt

Changing the rules and redefining limits with a totally integrated, highly accurate and ultra light power meter pedal.

A collaboration between two leaders.
The French company, Look, invented the first clipless road bike pedal in 1984 and has lead the way ever since. The German company, SRM, developed the concept of power training and the first power meter around the same time. Exakt is the result of two expert companies combining to create a market leading power meter pedal.

Light, efficient & exact.
EXAKT uses Look’s lightweight carbon pedal body and SRM’s precision measurement to transmit accurate and consistent power data straight from the source. Four strain gauges per pedal ensure exact measurements - with all electronics contained entirely within the pedal spindle.

Durable and waterproof.
It’s non-negotiable that EXAKT needs to stand up to the rigours of hard riding and inclement weather. IPX6 / IPX7 waterproof standard, double seals and fully integrated components means your only concern is riding fast.

Power training made easy.
Simple installation - like any other pedal. 100 hour battery life - recharge with a magnetic connection, no need to remove the pedals. Display and control at your fingertips with the included PC8 control unit.


Power is the most consistent and quantifiable measure of training and race performance. This differs from measurements like heart rate - an aerobic response that is an indicator of effort and conditioning - or speed / cadence - a result influenced by many factors.

Harness your power.

  • Eliminate guesswork from training and race day.
  • Accurate baseline to measure improvements
  • Analyse your pedal stroke
  • Help to define your weaknesses.
  • Train specifically for the demands of your event.
  • Aerodynamic position testing.