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The world's first graphene bike

Dassi Interceptor is the world’s first bike made using graphene - the toughest material known to exist. Dassi Interceptor is a true piece of cycling history - stiffer, lighter and faster than anything before it.

Faster. Lighter. Stronger.
Interceptor rides like the fighter jets that bear its name. An Interceptor aircraft must quickly intercept and attack enemy bombers before they can reach a target. To do this, the Interceptor must be lighter, climb higher, fly faster, out maneuver and cover greater distances than the opposing aircraft. This same superiority in attributes is glaring in the handmade Dassi Interceptor and it’s futuristic graphene frame.

Dassi Interceptor

What is Graphene?
Discovered in 2004 by two scientists who later won the Nobel Prize for doing so. Invented and manufactured in Britain, graphene is the first 2D material to be discovered - belonging to a group of single layer materials which are only one atom thick. Graphene has a strength to weight ratio 200 times that of steel, and is 10 times harder than diamond - making it ultra light and incredibly strong.

Space age material.
1g of graphene at one atom thick is enough to cover an entire football field. In a bike there is about 10g that bonds itself at an atomic level to every fiber in the carbon weave and resin.

British Luxury.
Each Dassi is researched, designed, hand painted and assembled in Hampshire, England, at a facility it shares with a well known F1 manufacturer. Founder, Stuart Abbott is a former Rolls Royce engineer, combining experitize from the aerospace industry, F1 production partnerships and his own fanaticism for cycling, to create a new standard in luxury bikes.

30% Lighter. Twice as strong.
Interceptor weighs in at just 750g, with the same stiffness and strength characteristics as a frame weighing 950g. Because of graphene’s incredible strength to weight characteristics, the frame can use more material, while staying lighter than a fully carbon road bike. This means an amazingly stiff, responsive and featherweight frame - just push down on the pedals and Interceptor hits the afterburners.

Dassi Interceptor

A rocket on either side of the mountain. The lightweight frame means Interceptor flies up the even steepest climbs. Once you reach the top, the incredible stiffness gives it unrivalled handling and maneuverability to take on the descents.

Comfort and compliance.
The graphene infused frame means a comfortable and compliant ride, with significantly improved dampening of the road vibrations that cause discomfort and fatigue.

Dassi Interceptor
Dassi Interceptor

The highest standard of manufacturing. Dassi uses Formula One and aerospace expertise to produce bikes at the forefront of technology and manufacturing, certified with ISO 9000 quality management standards.

A partnership with manufacturers from the Formula One supply chain allows Dassi to draw on advanced technologies. This enables the creation of unique frame molds, aerospace grade carbon composites and the ability to access Graphene - a rare and highly sought after material.

Dassi Interceptor