Building a custom 3T Strada ICR Road Bike

by Andy Knickerbocker


I chose to custom build the 3T Strada ICR, also known as the New Strada, because of 3T's unique approach to its design. I have owned numerous aero bikes and comfort was never something I prioritized very high on the list of attributes. Over the course of about 75 rides, the New Strada has exceeded every expectation I had of what an aero bike could feel like.

The Heart of the Machine: SRAM Red AXS

The SRAM Red AXS 12-speed groupset on the 3T New Strada is simply spectacular. I have had Force level components on three other bikes, and Red is truly a step up. It provides quick and precise gear changes, ensuring seamless transitions on the steepest climbs and fastest descents. The addition of the Wireless Blips in the drops allow me to shift through the gears while keeping my hands firmly wrapped around the bars during hard efforts and technical descents. 

The Zipp 353 NSW Tubeless Wheels effortlessly marry aerodynamics with stability. Whether I'm hammering out intervals on my own or tucking into an aerodynamic position on a group ride, these wheels offer a distinct advantage. The impressive lightweight carbon fiber construction amplifies acceleration, while the aerodynamic profile cuts through the wind. This enables me to maintain higher speeds with less effort and more precise steering, even in heavy wind conditions. 

Vittoria N.EXT Tires: Traction and Durability Combined

The Vittoria Corsa N.EXT G2.0 tires have lived up to the hype. Their impeccable grip on various road surfaces instills steering confidence. Moreover, their robust construction compared to the Corsa Pro ensures longevity, allowing me to tackle long distances and challenging terrains without a second thought.

CeramicSpeed: Elevating Efficiency

I have come to the realization that CeramicSpeed products truly do alter my riding experience.  I now spec the Oversized Pulley Wheels and Bottom Bracket on every bike I build. The reduction in friction translates into tangible gains in speed and power output. Every pedal stroke feels effortless and I find myself maintaining higher speeds with less fatigue.

3T Integrale Cockpit: Seamless Integration, Ultimate Control

The 3T Integrale cockpit creates a unique combination of form and function. Its sleek, integrated design not only enhances the bike's aesthetics but also offers impeccable control and comfort.  The alloy Apto stem in combination with the carbon Aeroflux handlebar creates a light, stiff, and still compliant system. The handlebars and stem provide a natural hand position, allowing me to stay in control, even during the most demanding sprints and descents.

Conclusion: The Strada Experience

My 3T New Strada is a masterpiece of engineering and design. It has transformed the way I approach cycling, delivering a level of performance and precision that has redefined my limits. 

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