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Bike Geometry


Size Seat Tube
Top Tube Head Tube Chain Stay Seat Tube Angle Head Tube Angle Stand Over Wheel Size
S 483 505 90 400 78° 72° 772 700
M 502 524 100 400 78° 72.4° 789 700
L 537 561 140 400 78° 73° 825 700



Bike Geometry

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2015 Orbea Ordu Race Frameset The Orbea Ordu Gold Frameset was a long time coming. It was well worth the wait. Orbea worked hard to make a time trial bike that was fun to ride, easy to dial in, easy to work on, and most importantly, cuts through the wind like a knife.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> It&#39;s fast. Really fast. Compared to the previous iteration of the Ordu, this one can save you up to 30 watts of effort at a ten-degree yaw angle. Drag numbers can be a&hellip;drag to understand, so we&#39;ll give you the real-world 411. If you can ride a 40km time trial at 40kph (25mph), you could go two minutes faster. If you&#39;re shooting for an Ironman, this new Ordu could save you up to nine minutes on the 112-mile ride.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> The solution, the way they got to this point, was aerodynamics. Orbea&#39;s take on it is Aizone. They build for practical aerodynamics; the bike has to be fast, but also has to ride like a bike. The bayonet-style fork, the fork crown tucking into the frame, the front wheel almost touching the downtube all the way to the rear wheel&#39;s travel around the shaped stays, all of it, was shaped with the wind in mind. The standard fork has a 4:1 aspect ratio&mdash;this is great for aerodynamics, but if you&#39;re racing in UCI time trials, you&#39;ll want to order a 3:1 fork that is UCI-compliant. Orbea spec&#39;s the longer one because so few people actually race UCI-sanctioned time trials.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> Both the fork and the stays have been shaped for both aerodynamics and compliance. Orbea calls this Attraction technology. Basically, it means that they tune for vertical compliance so the road feedback is neither causing the bike to chatter over bumps, nor is the rider getting fatigued from having to damp all the vibrations himself.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> Of course, aerodynamics are only part of the frame equation. The lay-up of the carbon-fiber is Orbea&#39;s Gold blend. They use ultra high-modulus plies for the least weight and greatest stiffness per gram.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> Orbea wants the Ordu to fit as wide a range of bodies as possible. They do an impressive job of making a platform that comes in four sizes, with each size being progressively larger than the previous size. The near linear advancement of stack and reach mean you can easily figure out which size is right for you.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> Speaking of wheels, there isn&#39;t a wide wheel thusfar that doesn&#39;t fit in the frame and fork. The fork is designed to accept any bolt-on brake. The rear has an integrated TRP linear-pull brake.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> Orbea also employs Selle Italia&#39;s Monolink technology to easily fit the frame to a body. The Monolink saddle system you&#39;re probably already familiar with, and the seat clamp sits atop a 250mm post that gives the bike a 76-degree seat angle and can be adjusted forward to 8-degrees. And it is included here. So, too, is a clamp for standard-railed saddle. What you might not be familiar with is how Orbea utilizes the Monolink to make an incredibly adjustable stem. Not only can the tilt be set from anywhere between vertical to below horizontal, Orbea includes four different stem lengths with the frameset, 75mm, 90, 100, 110, so you can dial in your position at home. The handlebar clamp is for 31.8mm bars.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> The bike is designed with a BB86 bottom bracket shell for compatibility with most cranks on the market today. It also has EC/DC compatibility, meaning it can do both electronic circuit and direct cable routing. The rear wheel attaches to the frame via rear-facing fork tips that have micro-adjusters do you can get the wheel close to the frame without touching and so you can have quick and easy wheel replacement if you flat on the road.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> The Orbea Ordu Gold puts you in a position to pr on all your old courses and blaze to course records.<br />
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