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Mavic Cosmic Ultimate Shoes <p>The Mavic Cosmic Ultimate Shoes will quickly prove that they are made by cycling experts; whether you are an enthusiasts or a pro, you&rsquo;ll appreciate the attention to detail and level of comfort that the Cosmic Ultimates will bring to the table.</p> <p>A shoe has to be pretty good in order to live up to the name Cosmic Ultimate, but once you try the Mavic Cosmic Ultimates, you won&rsquo;t be questioning the appropriateness of the moniker. Ever since Mavic has taken control of the research and design of their shoes, they have been breaking boundaries in how light, comfortable and stiff they can get their shoes. Typically there is a trade off with shoes: if they are light, they are not very rigid; if they are stiff, they are not very comfortable. However, there are no such problematic drawbacks with the Mavic Cosmic Ultimate Shoes. For one thing, Mavic makes use of their Ergo Dial, which is their lightweight dial-and-cable retention system that allows you to make micro adjustments very quickly, whether you are sitting on your tailgate getting ready for a race, or hovering near the front of the pack waiting to pounce. We all know the limits of ratchet systems whose teeth catch the latch either too tight or too lose for the majority of feet out there. With the Ergo Dial, you can get the perfect fit with a tightening strength that will not threaten the circulation to your toes. Then to secure the lower portion of your foot, Mavic provides two of their Ergo Strap SL. Unlike more common hook and eye closure systems, the Ergo Strap SL works with a lighter, broader strap that is connected to the shoe through nylon guides and malleable Kevlar cords. They keep the weight down since much less Velcro is required, increase ventilation since they allow air movement through to the top of the foot, and can be precisely adjusted to prevent loss of blood flow.</p> <p>Even though these shoes are pretty light at just 230 grams in a size 9, Mavic did not achieve those lightweight numbers by sacrificing the structure and padding of the shoe. On the contrary, they have used their Ergo 3D Tongue, which is wonderfully cushioned and has been designed to hold your foot secure while still providing ventilation. It is an overlapping tongue, which means that it can accommodate multiple foot shapes and insteps. The 3D mesh construction keeps it pleasantly breathable as well. Then to help hold everything together, Mavic uses what they call their Ergo Bonding. Essentially it means that it is largely a one-piece upper, eliminating seams and the chance of unwanted pressure points. It also means that the mesh works with the shoe without adding weight. Hugging the one-piece upper is Mavic&rsquo;s Energy Frame Carbon. Thin, supportive carbon acts as a spin on the exterior of the shoe starting at the outside heel and wrapping around to the medial side of the foot. It is ultra-supportive but still compliant enough to be comfortable. The carbon fiber that is used is actually woven with a flexible polymer for maximum support and energy transfer.</p> <p>Following the theme of the supportive carbon exo-spine, Mavic also makes use of their proven Energy Lock Carbon Comp for heel support. This is a carbon composite 3D heel counter that has minimal weight but allows for a solid hold of the heel to facilitate maximum energy transfer in your pedal stroke. It holds the heel above the calcaneus bone in order to give the heel cup enough surface to grab without causing any friction points or hot spots. You will be able to jump your opponents and not have to worry about your heel pulling out. And while your foot is comfortably ensconced in the shoe, Mavic has created their Ergo Fit 3D plus OrthoLite insole. This is no ordinary flimsy insole. Rather Mavic has committed themselves to creating a supportive, low profile insole that will give comfort and structure to aid with your power transfer. It is a dual density insole that have been designed using OrthoLite cushioning foam and EVA heel and arch support. The 3D dual density construction guarantees that your foot will feel cushioned and reinforced, but without taking up unnecessary room. And the OrthoLite property will increase the effectiveness of the cushioning while increasing moisture management and breathability. OrthoLite also has anti-microbial agents, so that you won&rsquo;t have to worry about noisome odors developing in your shoes after several hours on the road.</p> <p>The <em>pi&egrave;ce de r&eacute;sistance</em> of the shoe has to be the Energy Full Carbon SLR Outsole, which is Mavic&rsquo;s lightest and stiffest sole yet. And with a thickness of 5.5 millimeters, it will help you end up with an extremely low stack height, especially if you pair it with one of Mavic&rsquo;s clipless pedals. Vents have been built into the soles to keep your foot well aired, but without any stiffness sacrificed. The soles have a three-hole set up and the cleat nuts have six millimeters of fore/aft adjustment, so you should be able to get the perfect set up without having to compromise. Since the soles are already so thin, Mavic makes the effort to ship the shoes with the eight millimeter screws that they recommend you use when mounting the cleat, since screws that are longer will be apt to poke painfully up through to the insoles.</p> <p>The Mavic Cosmic Ultimate Shoes are not just for the pros racing in the Tour de France. Mavic has designed them with us mere mortals in mind, so that we can enjoy the comfort and performance that will make it easy for us to spend long, happy hours in the saddle.</p>
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