BMC RoadMachine

The 2018 BMC RoadMachine
Revolt against the usual performance bike categories.

When does a bike go from merely good, to remarkable? Some will say it's when a bike is the best at something, but we also think it can be when a bike is simply great at everything. Enter the new 2018 BMC Roadmachine. It was designed from axle-to-axle to be a bicycle of ultimate versatility on the road, and it gives up nothing to reach such a breadth of skill. The ride quality of an endurance bike, the responsiveness and control of a sprint machine, and all with seamless component and cable integration, disc brakes, and your choice of two cockpit heights. Usually, trying to be everything for everyone leads to mediocrity – but with the 2018 BMC Roadmachine revolts against the "usual". So what makes the BMC Roadmachine such a revolution?

2018 BMC RoadMachine

A Machine for all

The cockpit of the top-shelf RM01 version of the Roadmachine features an integrated stem and headset, fully housing all cables for a clean look. The proprietary stem is available in five different lengths, and the front end can be stacked at two different heights – high or low – for a machine dialed in exactly the way you want it.

BMC Roadmachine

"D" Is For Different

The 2018 BMC Roadmachine features the proprietary "D" seatpost, designed with a focus on shock-absorption. The post soaks up all the bumps and bruises in the road before they reach your back, and it looks going doing it, slotting into an integrated seatpost clamp in the Roadmachine frame.

See the 2018 BMC Roadmachine
BMC Roadmachine

Stiff Down Low

While the Roadmachine frame filters out the road chatter for a smooth ride, the bike’s wheels and axles are loyally reading every millimeter of the road. Thru-axles both front and rear are longer and wider than traditional skewers, providing a stout, planted handling profile while providing ample feedback to the rider for excellent confidence and control.

See the 2018 BMC Roadmachine
BMC Roadmachine

Looks Different, Feels Different

The 2018 Roadmachine will be immediately identifiable as a BMC, but look closely, and some differences compared to other models. One is called Angle Compliance Shaping. You’ll see it in some of the frame’s junctions – areas of the bike where impacts tend to "collect" have been angled to improve shock absorption, reducing stress on both human and bike, and creating an amazing ride.

See the 2018 BMC Roadmachine

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