Garmin Forerunner 645

Garmin Forerunner 645 Music

Performance, performers and payments on your wrist

Everything You Need In A Running Watch

Forerunner’s in-built GPS tracks how far, how fast and where you run, directly to your watch. With the addition of music and contactless payments, Forerunner gives you everything you need to hit the road phone and wallet-free.

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More Performance Data At Your Fingertips

Forerunner’s advanced data gives you the tools to take your performance to the next level. At the push of a button, track activities such as run, swim, bike, row and hike. View your performance metrics live, as well as collecting your data to analyze going forward. Load courses or workouts for coaching on-the-run, race against virtual partners, test yourself in live segments and even view point-to-point navigation for added confidence to find new boundaries.

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Amp Up Your Training

Music now lives directly on Forerunner, a major advance from simply being able to control another device. Forerunner pairs reliably with any Bluetooth headphones, allowing you to listen to your favorite songs on the run. Sync and store up 500 songs straight from your desktop, or choose from selected streaming services to download for offline listening.

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Leave Your Wallet At Home

Garmin Pay allows you to make contactless payments straight from your watch. Simply add your card through the Garmin Connect app, and always have access to payments without needing to carry your wallet.

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Everyday Style

With a stylish, modern aesthetic, Forerunner looks more like a well-designed traditional watch, than a chunky fitness watch. Made for everyday wear, the slim and lightweight watchface can be completely customized to suit your own preference of look, colors and data fields displayed. Bands can be quickly changed tool-free, allowing you to dress your Forerunner up or down as you need.

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Biomechanical Insights

Paired with the additional Running Dynamics Pod, Forerunner can calculate biomechanical measurements such as cadence, stride length, balance, ground contact time and more. With additional feature sets for cycling and swim training, Forerunner provides advanced levels of data previously reserved for elite athletes.

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Analyze, Adapt, Recover.

‘Training Status’ performance monitoring tool analyzes workload and performance indicators to advise if you’re training productively, peaking or over doing it. View your ideal recovery time to adapt and optimize your training load, as guided by your body.

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Elevate HRM

An optical wrist based heart rate monitor measures constantly throughout the day, without need for a chest strap. The improved sensor in Forerunner records at 1 second intervals, providing a high level of accuracy throughout your activity and recovery.​

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Constantly Connected

Monitor daily activities such as sleep, steps and calories, and view alongside your training data in the Garmin Connect app for a complete picture of your fitness. Integrating with the Garmin Connect ecosystem, Forerunner has access to a constantly growing selection of apps to enhance your experience. Receive smartphone notifications, download workouts or courses, view Strava Live segments, get your Uber ETA, weather updates and more.​

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