Zipp 302

Carbon Without Compromise:
The New Zipp 302 Wheelset

It’s said that upgraded wheels are the most significant performance improvement you can make on a bike, and it’s true. Zipp’s high-performance wheelsets have long been synonymous with said upgrading, but often, their price has put them out of reach for many riders. But that changes now. Introducing the Zipp 302 carbon fiber wheelset, bestowing Zipp’s incredible performance on those with an eye on value.

So what makes the Zipp 302 wheelset such an excellent value?

Carbon Ride Quality

Often touted as a weight-saving material, many riders often overlook another major benefit of carbon rims: vastly improved ride quality. The vibration dampening qualities one enjoys in a carbon frame apply to a carbon wheelset, as well, and the 302 is no exception.

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Worthy Width

Zipp long ago came to understand the benefits of a wider rim bed – from improved ride comfort to cornering traction to reduced rolling resistance – and the new 302 benefits from this wisdom, with an impressive internal rim width of 16.25mm, whether disc- or rim-brake ready.

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An All-new Hubset

The all-new 76 (front) and 176 (rear) hubs provide a smooth, reliable, and stable foundation for the new 302 wheelset. The tall flanges boost both acceleration and lateral stiffness, and the hubs are easily serviceable, with removable end-caps and J-bend spokes.

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As Always, Made in the USA

Since day one, Zipp has chosen to manufacturer all of its wheel at its headquarters in Indianapolis, USA, and the 302 is no different. This gives Zipp complete control and unparalleled oversight of its processes and finished product, and Zipp’s quality speaks for itself.

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