R&A Cycles - Walnut Creek CA

The R&A Cycling Center

Now Open in Walnut Creek, California, USA

After serving discerning athletes from around the world via our famous storefront, warehouse, and main offices in Brooklyn, New York, R&A Cycles has expanded onto a new frontier. Years in development, the R&A Cycling Center is now open in Walnut Creek, California, USA, just east of San Francisco in the foothills of Mount Diablo. It's not just a bike shop - it's a retail experience like no other.

Engage with Products

The main retail area of over 11,000 sq. ft. has a variety of showcases, sponsored by various brands, which will rotate throughout the year. From the most cutting-edge bike models to the latest in drivetrains, cockpits, and more - and we'll always have inventory. Come here to see, feel, and experience product with your hands and eyes, not just from behind glass or pixels.

R&A Cycles - Walnut Creek CA
R&A Cycles - Walnut Creek CA

As Much Knowledge as Product

The Cycling Center will indulge not just your eyes and hands, but also your thirst for knowledge and experience. Come here to have your questions clearly and thoroughly answered. Our staff roster is deep with professional, years-proven experience in various areas of the cycling industry, including former racers, industry managers, and all-around retail pros and product masters, who use what we sell.

R&A Cycles - Walnut Creek CA

A World-Class Service Center

There are repair shops, and then there are Service Centers. What's the difference? The R&A Cycling Experience will carry a number of certifications from SRAM, FOX, and others, as an Authorized Service Center. No need to ship to far off factories for warranty replacements or repairs. Our factory-trained technicians can do it right here - and, of course, give your bike the greatest tune-up it's ever had.

R&A Cycles - Walnut Creek CA

R&A Black - The True Bespoke Experience

Pioneered at our cutting-edge headquarters in Brooklyn, and now in Walnut Creek. The R&A Black process was conceived to elevate the custom bicycle customer above the noise. A dedicated custom bike and gear professional, in a dedicated showspace, will learn about you as a cyclist and athlete, top-to-bottom, and can help design the perfect custom machine around those needs, as well as curate cycling apparel and other accessories, just for you.

R&A Cycles - Walnut Creek CA

Indulge at Ramona's Cafe.

The R&A Cycling Experience Center won't just be a feast for a cyclist's eyes, hands, and mind. We're partnering with local culinary aficionados to bring you Ramona's Cafe, right on site. Named after Ramona Cabbad (yes, the "R" in "R&A"), the matriarch of R&A's founding family, Ramona's will bring a variety of savory flavors, sweet snacks, and quenching beverages to your visit, all freshly made, locally-sourced, and really, really good.

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R&A Cycles - Walnut Creek CA

A Place to Meet: Start, and Finish, at R&A

When we call it a Cycling "Experience" Center, we mean it. We'll be hosting ample group rides year-round, product demos from manufacturers, speakers, club events, and much more. Nestled just below Mt. Diablo, it's an idea starting or finishing place for your ride, and we'll be providing constant reasons to do so. We can't wait to see you there.

So come check out the new store!

Walnut Creek, CA Store

Address: 2099 Mt. Diablo Blvd., Walnut Creek, CA 94596
Phone: 925-433-7099

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Store Hours:

Tuesday - Saturday: 10:00am to 6:00pm