Orbea Rallon

Orbea Rallon

King Of The Mountains

Masters of all terrain

From the mountains and valleys of the Spanish Pyrenees, Orbea has been manufacturing performance bicycles for almost 90 years. All conquering at the highest levels of cycling, Orbea bikes have been ridden to victory by World & Olympic champions in road, mountain and triathlon.

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Thrives in harsh conditions

Rallon is a 150mm, 29er enduro bike designed to fly across the harshest terrain quickly and confidently. One of the best all round bikes on the market, Rallon really excels to the fore when the trail gets steep. With phenomenal grip on even the dustiest, harshest trails, Rallon absorbs can absorb big hits, while remaining composed and on target.

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Off center thinking

The Orbea Monocoque Race (OMR) frame exclusively uses high modulus and high strength carbon fibers, with a clever asymmetrical construction that provides stiffness, weight and design advantages. Offsetting the shock to one side offers easy access to damper controls, as well as creating extra space within the frame. Orbea has used this to lower the top tube and low standover height and create room for a tool kit and 500ml water bottle.

Total control

Riders of the Rallon talk of its traction - a feeling of grip and stability that gives you the confidence to push hard across any terrain. The slack head angle, long wheelbase and low standover height give optimal balance and weight distribution. This means increased control, maneuverability and great handling whether descending, cornering or pedalling on technical trails.

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Smart suspension

Rallon’s suspension strikes an optimal balance of pedalling efficiency, small bump compliance, suspension progressivity, stiffness and weight. A higher main pivot point decreases energy losses in pedalling, at the same time the seat stays and linkage positioning absorb big bumps with composure and control.

Adjustable geometry

A simple flick of the shock mount pin drops the bottom bracket 7mm and slackens angles by .5º This means two geometries depending on your needs - 'Low'​ ​for​ ​all-day​ ​trail​ ​riding, and​​ 'Lower' ​for a more ​race-oriented​ ​feel.​

See the Orbea Rallon here
Orbea Rallon - suspension

Object of desire

Rallon is one of the most eye catching bikes on the trail - guaranteed to stand out from the crowd. Available in a number of builds and colorways, Orbea’s MyO also allows complete customization of paint, decals and components.