Pinarello Dogma F10

Pinarello Dogma F10 Disk

A Legend Of The Road

A Decorated Champion

From its beginnings in Italy in 1952, Pinarello has become the cycling industry's most decorated race winner. Greats like Indurain, Wiggins and Froome have all ridden a Pinarello to victory in the Tour de France, with the brand tasting more Tour de France wins than any other.

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Decades Later, Still Revolutionary

Pinarello Dogma has been the reference point for high end road bikes since the marque was first released in 2002. The world's first asymmetrical design, the Dogma's objective is not to be the lightest, or the most aerodynamic, just the all-round fastest bike on the market. Sprinting, climbing or descending, Dogma is a perfectly balanced machine that excels in any conditions.

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Improving A Winning Formula

Dogma F10 was developed in conjunction with Team Sky for performance and handling, and Jaguar for aerodynamics. On request of Team Sky, Pinarello has not changed the handling or geometry from the preceding F8, but it has managed to make the bike lighter, stiffer and more aerodynamic.

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All About Balance

Dogma F10 Disk is designed to be fast and aerodynamic, without compromising the ride quality and precise handling that characterizes a Pinarello bike. In whole, the balance between geometry, aerodynamics and weight allows Dogma to accelerate quickly, maintain high speeds and handle any terrain with comfort and confidence.

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Go Faster. Stop Faster.

Disc brakes offer better performance under all conditions, providing greater control and safety at high speeds. Increased braking power allows riders to go faster, giving confidence to carry maximum speed into corners, pulling the brakes at the last moment.

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Disc Brake Uprising

Disc brakes are on the verge of taking over the pro peloton - UCI legal, pro-level light, and with undeniably better braking performance. Pro teams are switching to disc in increasing numbers, as are more and more big stage races being won on disc brake bikes.

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Improved Forks

Disc brakes require the forks and chainstays to support increased braking loads. Dogma's wave shaped, asymmetrical 'Onda' fork has been upgraded to integrate thru axles, with the added benefit of increased overall stiffness. Small fins (fork flaps) added to the trailing edge of the drop out also provide aerodynamic gains.

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Lighter And Stronger

While not touching the geometry and handling of the F8, Pinarello has amazingly found stiffness and weight improvements in the F10. A concave, flat back downtube improves stiffness, while making the area around the water bottle more aerodynamic. Additional asymmetries around the bottom bracket bolster the drive side for greater balance and stiffness, all while coming in 6% lighter than F8.

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Attention To Detail

Dogma's aesthetics blend traditional and modern - a beautiful crafting of curves and asymmetries. Disc brakes allow reduction of cables and clutter, leaving a clean, minimal aesthetic - even the electronic controller is integrated into the down tube. Finally, Dogma F10 Disk is finished in a range of the most striking color palettes on the road.

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