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The Next Step - Zipp NSW Wheelsets

Now's the time. If you've been holding off to make that wheelset upgrade, waiting for those hoops that will make a genuine difference not just in looks, but also in performance, this is what you've been anticipating. Zipp's new NSW wheelset line-up takes the technology achieved by the company's revolutionary Firecrest wheelsets, and kicks it up several notches. From siped braketracks to zero-drag graphics to magnetically actuated hubs that automatically disengage while coasting, NSW is no-holds-barred performance in the form of the sleekest and fastest wheels ever to come out of Zipp's Indiana, USA, factory. If you've been waiting for that truly amazing new wheelset, your patience has now been rewarded.

What is

Zipp's NSW series of products is a collection of the company's absolute best - designed, assembled, and tested by a team of the sport's most elite athletes and engineers.

What makes NSW wheels special?

A collection of new technologies that improve hub, brake, and aero performance, together accumulating into the most advanced, and fastest, wheels that Zipp has ever produced.

Giordana Sahara

Cognition Hubs with Axial Clutch Technology

The most advanced design currently on the market, Cognition hubs are not only incredibly stiff to essentially eliminate bearing warping under torque or cornering, the rear hubs also utilizes magnetism to engage the freewheel during pedaling, but instantly disconnects the mechanism when coasting for maximum efficiency and virtually zero drag.

Giordana Sahara

Showstopper Brake Track

Zipp set out to ensure that NSW wheels stopped better than any carbon wheels on the market, and they achieved exactly that with the Showstopper brack track. Small sipes in the brake track are superior at dissipating heat, maintaining the rim's structural integrity, and ensuring that your pads have more than enough bite for confident and predictable stopping.

Giordana Sahara

Sawtooth and ImPress

The Sawtooth innovation is the strategic placement of 12 "nodes" on the interior flanks of the rim, creating small vortices of air that mitigate both head-on and crosswind drag. Zipp's ImPress graphics are imprinted directly into the carbon, lending style without any penalty of weight or drag, so the dimpled surface of the rim face can do it's job of slipping through the wind.

Zipp 303 NSW

The 303 NSW

Light but tough and proven in the pave-bound spring classics, the 303 is the NSW set of choice for those who are as likely to tackle long climbs as they are rough roughs.

See the Zipp 303 NSW

Zipp 404 NSW

The 404 NSW

The all-around NSW set, for those who need to climb and descend with confidence, but who don't want to sacrifice pure speed when it's time to drop the hammer.

See the Zipp 404 NSW

Zipp 808 NSW

The 808 NSW

The choice for maximum aerodynamic efficiency, the 808 is the NSW set for triathletes or road racers on flatter courses who want to rocket past the competition.

See the Zipp 808 NSW

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