Colnago V2-R

Colnago V2-R

Colnago's bike of choice for Pro Tour riders, V2-R strikes the perfect balance between aerodynamics, handling and long ride comfort.

Colnago V2-R

A Legendary Name

From humble beginnings in Milan, Italy, Ernesto Colnago's legend spans over 60 years creating bikes for the biggest names in cycling. A Colnago bike is equal parts art and science - an object of beauty that rides like no other.

Colnago V2-R

All round race machine

V2-R is Colnago's all-round race bike, blending the aerodynamics of the Concept, with the comfort and handling of the C64. Using Colnago's top-of-the-line carbon monocoque frame, V2-R is light, stiff and rides smooth across any terrain.

A V2-R for everyone

Lightning Acceleration

At 835g, the bike weighs the same as V1-R, with Colnago moving material around in order to improve stiffness in key areas. BB is 13% stiffer and head tube 4% stiffer, meaning more efficient power transfer, reactive acceleration and precise handling. V2-R lets nothing go to waste, efficiently turning every watt of energy into speed across the road.

Colnago V2-R

Nothing rides like Colnago

At the core of any Colnago is the brand's legendary ride quality. Roads feel smoother, corners feel wider and steering feels responsive yet stable. When updating the V2-R, Colnago's pro riders requested a lower head tube, creating a more aggressive riding position that tracks confidently through corners. Likewise, clearance for 28mm tires further adds to smooth rolling and long ride comfort.

Aero Improvements

Taking design advice from Ferrari, V2-R's forks, head tube, down tube, seat tube, and seat post, are all shaped using proven NACA (National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics) kammtail tube profiles. An integrated seatpost clamp and D-shaped seatpost are an example of clever improvements - the clamp hides in the top tube, while the post is flat at the back to offer rear flex and a Kamm-tail shape.

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Colnago V2-R

Stop fast, ride faster.

Front and rear direct-mount brakes provide a stiffer and stronger braking set up, with improved modulation and overall braking power. V2-R is also available in a disc brake version - with improved stopping power allowing you to brake later, taking more speed into the turn.

Finer Details

For finishing, frames are shipped for hand painting to the one factory in Italy that meets Colnago's high standards. The visual details and paint work are something Colnago prides itself on - the look, feel and story are all part of the Colnago experience.​