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Bike Geometry
Cervelo S5 Ultegra Bike <p>Cervélo is obsessed with aerodynamics. They believe that aerodynamics is the key to going faster, as the wind is the biggest, foe you face. Even small aero gains add up to big differences over time, and this S5 Ultegra bike saves watts over the previous S5, which itself was a ridiculously aero road bike.<br> <br> The biggest single change Cervélo made to this bike, were the aero handlebars they designed and built for the bike. From one vantage point,  they look like a more-or-less normal compact ergo design, with 80mm of reach and 128mm of drop. But the widened and flattened top section, which can barely be seen by the wind, saves 4.4 watts over a standard handlebar. There's a round center section partially hidden behind the wing. This clamps into a normal round 31.8mm handlebar clamp. Because these engineers suffer from OCD, they found that a standard &quot;round&quot; stem is more aero with these bars than an aero stem. And that mounting a Garmin (their pro riders have been using Garmin computers) on the stem makes the setup faster still. </p> <p>The S5 Ultegra, the name highlighting the Shimano Ultegra 6800 components found on the frame is the easiest way to enjoy the aero edge of the new S5 design. The components benefited from the recent Dura-Ace redesign, and do the same things, just with less fancy finishes. The shifting is easy, the levers comfy, the brakes have a light touch, offer great modulation and work well with wide rims.</p> <p>Cervélo selected Rotor's 3D30 BBright 52/36 crank to go with the 11-25 eleven speed Shimano Cassette. Rotor cranks are stiff and light and designed to work perfectly with the BBright bottom bracket standard they helped pioneer with Cervélo.</p> <p>BBright allows for frame designers to build frame shapes that are lighter, stiffer, and more aero than other integrated bottom bracket standards because of all the shaping that the wide shell dimension gives them room to do. It's great for bottom bracket stiffness, which has increased by 6% It's great for chain stay stiffness, great for anchoring a widened down tube, which has been designed to shield standard water bottles from the wind. You'll notice that there are three bottle bolts on the down tube. Use the top two if you're running a cage on the seat tube as well. Use the bottom two if it's just one bottle. And the low seat tube mounted bottle should give people, even in small sizes, to easily get to their bottle there.</p> <p>As 25mm tires are great for comfort in general, and improve aerodynamics when used with a wide rim, the fork and stays have been built to accommodate them. The fork's wider stance also helps with aerodynamics, as does the widened head tube hiding a tapered steerer. These features also have made the head tube 35% stiffer, and the fork 17% stiffer laterally.</p> <p>The wheels on this bike are Mavic's Cosmic Elite S, dressed in Mavic tires. This is a training wheelset for Mavic-sponsored pro's, but it's light enough to be a race wheel that never leaves you behind. </p> <p>The Cervélo S5 Ultegra Bike is a ground-floor operator that, in your hands, will help you scale the heights. </p>
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