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GS SL Wind Vest Information

GS SL Wind Vest Specifications

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GS SL Wind Vest Geometry / Size Chart

Bike Geometry

Size Chart

Size Height Chest
Inches cm Inches cm
2XS 62-64" 157-162cm 32-34" 81-86cm
XS 64-66" 162-167cm 34-36" 86-91cm
S 66-68" 167-173cm 36-38" 91-96.5cm
M 68-70" 173-178cm 38-40" 96.5-101cm
L 70-72" 178-188cm 40-42" 101-107cm
XL 72-74" 183-188cm 42-44" 107-112cm
2XL 74-76" 188-193cm 44-46" 112-116cm
3XL 76-78" 193-198cm 46-48" 116-122cm
Capo GS SL Wind Vest <p>Vests are among the most important, versatile garments a cyclist can own, and they deftly provide warmth and coverage for those in-between conditions. Capo's GS SL Wind Vest is very compressible, offers excellent breathability and moisture wicking while providing protection from the rain, and it's windproof. Capo relies on the Italian Element 4 membrane fabric for a lightweight layer that's stretchy and warm-combine it with a thermal layer and Capo rates the vest as suitable for a temperature range of 45- to 65-degrees Fahrenheit. And the fabric itself is highly reflective, so you'll be much more visible to motorists in low-light conditions.</p> <p>On colder days, add some arm warmers to increase the insulation. And when it warms up, shed the warmers but keep protecting the core; we love the versatility and modular nature of vests for cycling. The Capo GS SL Wind Vest offers a full-length zipper, of course, but adds two zipper pulls, so that you can customize airflow and ventilation both from the top and the bottom of the vest. </p> <p>An elasticized jacquard waistband at the bottom of the Capo GS SL Vest keeps it securely in place along the bottom, and its twelve-panel design ensures a fit that hugs your body and moves as you do. Not all vests provide pockets, but this Capo offering does-so you'll have plenty of space for storing your in-ride essentials. Bring a Capo GS SL Wind Vest along on any ride where you need to take the bite out of a chilly day, and rest assured that you can easily stow it away with a minimal weight penalty when you need to.</p>
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