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Meilenstein Obermayer Schwarz Tubular Wheelset Specifications

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Meilenstein Obermayer Schwarz Tubular Wheelset Geometry / Size Chart

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Meilenstein Obermayer Schwarz Tubular Wheelset Information

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Lightweight Meilenstein Obermayer Schwarz Tubular Wheelset <p>There&rsquo;s cheating. And unfair cheating. The Lightweight Meilenstein Obermayer almost feels like cheating because it does everything better than anything else out there. But then putting CeramicSpeed bearings in the hubs is taking your advantage to a whole other level. That&rsquo;s what the Schwarz Edition does.</p> <p>This is the wheel that most heads will shake over. It&rsquo;s the lightest, stiffest wheel in the Lightweight line. And now it also has less bearing friction than any other wheelset, save those that are also outfitted with the lowest-friction bearings available from CeramicSpeed. CeramicSpeed is the Danish outfit that has made lowest-friction ceramic bearings essential to most WorldTour teams.</p> <p>Installing CeramicSpeed is Lightweight taking the Meilenstein past eleven to twelve. They were looking how to improve on their best. And they were able to. They changed their lay-up and resin. And they realized they could do more. They redesigned their hubs as well. The result is a 395g front wheel, 540g rear wheel, that accelerates better, has greater lateral rigidity, and even brakes better. At less than 950g for the set, these wheels are too light for the pro's. They give you an even bigger edge-and your friends won't realize it until you drop them.</p> <p>Because this is the Obermayer, so named for one of Lightweight's founders, they come with Lightweight's titanium skewers. But the rest of the build is the same. You get the embedded spoke magnets, the Lightweight brake pads, the Lightweight wheel bag. And the Lightweight microchip (name another company that chips their wheels). </p> <p>Lightweight strongly urges buyers to register their wheels on the Lightweight website within five days of receiving wheels. Each wheel has a unique ten-digit number that is encoded on a microchip embedded in each wheel. This helps you with both their crash replacement program and Wheelprotection program-and can come in handy if your wheels are lost or stolen. The first applies to all wheels and entitles you to 30% off a replacement wheel if you destroy one in a crash. The second is their insurance program, which means that by paying up front, your Lightweight wheels are protected for three years from any damage that might occur. Go here (<a href="http://lightweight.info/gb/en/service/registration">http://lightweight.info/gb/en/service/registration</a>) to read up and register.</p> <p>Lightweight Meilenstein Obermayer Schwarz Edition Tubular Wheel almost certainly rides like cheating, but cheating you won't want to live without. </p>
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