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2018 Argon 18 E-119 Tri+ Frameset <p>The &ldquo;+&rdquo; of the Argon 18 E-119+ Tri refers mostly to the accessories they included with the frameset.&nbsp; You need to eat and drink and carry stuff in a triathlon, and the included accessories not only allow you to do that, but keep them all very aero.</p> <p>The first accessory is the TorHans H2O bottle.&nbsp; It sits horizontally between the extensions, has a pop-top accessible from the flat position as well as a drinking straw.&nbsp; It fits 22 fluid ounces.&nbsp; The second is the Cookie Jar, which sits on the top tube secured by two bolts a standard distance from the stem. It&rsquo;s long and simple and works like a stash box.&nbsp; It&rsquo;s stiff on the side, flexible on the top, and has a slit running lengthwise.&nbsp; Perfect for bars and gels.&nbsp; The third component is the rear storage box that attaches to bottle bosses on the end of a removeable bar sticking from behind the seat post.&nbsp; The box is big enough to hold a tubular and tools, and the mount is actually one of three on the post.&nbsp; The other two can be left empty, or used for water bottle cages, or anything else that fits on bottle bosses.&nbsp; The box can be removed, as can the entire component.&nbsp;</p> <p>The second part of the plus is a lighter carbon lay-up.&nbsp; This E-119+ is 100g lighter than the non-plus model.&nbsp; It&rsquo;s lighter if you ride it without the accessories, but with, the weight just about balances out.</p> <p>The E-119 is the new flagship tri&rsquo; frame from Argon 18.&nbsp; It exceeds the previous top-shelf model, the E-118 Next by a wide margin.&nbsp; But even with that margin, it still sticks to the Argon 18 philosophy of balance.&nbsp; The bike can&rsquo;t just be aero in a headwind, but it also has to work in all the sidewind yaw angles.&nbsp; It needs to be light without compromising stiffness.&nbsp; It has to hold a straight line easily, but turn well.&nbsp;</p> <p>They are able to do this across the size range by both tweaking the stack and reach numbers.&nbsp; You&rsquo;ll find a 78-degree seat angle and 72-degree head angle across the line, but each successive size has a longer top tube and taller head tube.&nbsp; Even with these, they keep a low bottom bracket, 75mm of drop, across the run, and short chainstays, 405mm, to make sure the rear wheel is close to the frame and the drivetrain stiff.</p> <p>Fit is essential.&nbsp; The seatpost has a rail running across the top, allowing the saddle clamp to slide +/- 28mm to allow you to really dial in the seat position.&nbsp; Up front, while the bars are in a fixed stem, you can customize everything else.&nbsp; They call it ONEness 3.0. The base bar can be flipped over to provide +/- 25mm of drop.&nbsp; The armrests can be moved up or back by 4cm.&nbsp; There is 12cm of width adjustment to the rests.&nbsp; The extensions can sit flush on the base bar or have up to 10cm of rise.&nbsp; They can also be tilted +/- fifteen degrees.&nbsp; The extensions come as a long ski-bend, but can be customized for angle and length.&nbsp; The tips of the skis can be cut down for shifter pods, or cut off completely to give you straight bars with a max length of 285mm.</p> <p>The handlebars fit onto the top of the bayonet-style fork, which, while it looks complicated, is held to the frame by a single pinch bolt.&nbsp; The fork hides an internal cam brake that is actuated by a cable hidden in the bayonet.&nbsp;</p> <p>The rear brake is also hidden in the frame.&nbsp; It sits atop the seatstays.&nbsp; The seatstays are a better position than under the bottom bracket.&nbsp; Easier to access for adjustment and the frame flexes less up high, making brake rub highly unlikely.&nbsp; Here, too, a custom cam moves the arms.&nbsp; In both cases, the max rim width is 28mm and the max tire width is 25mm.&nbsp;</p> <p>The bike runs all the cables internally.&nbsp; Shifting can be either by electronic or mechanical derailleurs.&nbsp; If the former, there&rsquo;s an included seatpost mount for the battery.&nbsp; That is, if you prefer double-ring shifting.&nbsp; You can run a single large ring as well and remove the front derailleur hanger.&nbsp; The derailleur chainstay area is designed to work with round or oval chainrings as small as 34-teeth and as large as 55.&nbsp;</p> <p>Wheel changes are a part of life.&nbsp; Argon 18 recognizes this and has designed the rear dropouts as verticals, rather than rearward facing horizontals.&nbsp; The dropouts are carbon, but the derailleur hanger is forged aluminum for durability, and replaceable if you bend it.</p> <p>The Argon 18 E-119+ Tri is ready to pr all your multi-sport ventures.</p>
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