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Bike Geometry
2016 BMC Granfondo GF01 Disc Ultegra Di2 Bike <p>The BMC Granfondo GF01 Disc Ultegra Di2 Bike is almost identical to the Dura-Ace Di2 version, just with more practical parts installed. This might make the bike more fun, as the bike might seem less precious, more something you can ride hard.</p> <p>Many of the components switch over directly. The hydraulic disc brakes, Shimano's Br-785 with SM-RT98-SS (aka Ice Tech) 140mm rotors, are identical. So, too, are the ST-R785 hydraulic electronic brifters. The seat post, the Tuned Compliance Concept (TCC) compliancepost with 18mm of offset is also the same. The bars and stem are identical, too. Even the tires, the Continental Grand Prix 4 Season 700c x 25mm folding tires, are as well.</p> <p>The frameset is, of course, the same, just with different paint. The Granfondo platform was created for cobbled classics, brutal, five, six, seven hour races where the road conditions are changing constantly, from virgin asphalt to several-hundred year-old farm tracks. Because of the challenges that these roads bring, a stable race bike is advantageous. Not only does the longer wheelbase smooth things out, but the greater bottom bracket drop makes the bike more stable. And the taller head tube, and shorter, sloping top tube put you in a better, more comfy position for riding the hoods and drops into the wind. The advantage to riders never planning on riding cobblestones is simple: this is a bike designed for comfort over long miles, but it's stiff enough and light enough for racing and spending all day in the mountains. Especially if you want the bike to track in a straight line when you&rsquo;re tired from riding and woozy from lack of caloric sustenance.</p> <p>To further complement the geometry, the bike was designed with both greater stiffness, for better tracking on rough roads, and greater shock absorption, to make sure the road doesn't hammer you before you get in your hammering. The over-sized chain stays, down tube, 1 1/2&quot; lower steerer tube, and beefy fork crown, all ensure your power goes to the drive train and the bike goes where you tell it to. But starting with the angle compliance cantilevered dropouts to the thin, kinked seat stays, to the narrow seat tube, to the tapered top tube, the bike is built to damp the vibrations as well as keep the bike on the road, as you ride over stones and gravel. Likewise, the TCC fork, with angle compliance just above the fork tips allows for vertical deflection while the crown keeps the steering precise.</p> <p>This bike has a Shimano Ultegra Di2 drive train. The second-tier Shimano component group is pretty amazing, with everything but the weight and finish up to Dura-Ace standards. The four-arm crank sports 50/34 compact rings and is mated to a huge 11-32 eleven speed cassette. On the tall end, you can pedal off mountains. On the small, you can ascent the steepest dirt climbs you can find.</p> <p>The wheels, the DT Swiss R24 Splines, come with Centerlock mounting for the Shimano rotors. These are modern box-section wheels, with 23mm width, 23mm depth, and a gentle aero profile. They&rsquo;re also wrapped with tubeless tape, have a tubeless groove at the bead: all you need to do is add the tubeless valve, good, and tubeless tires. </p> <p>A few details deserve mention: BMC is big on small touches. There's in integrated chain catcher above the bottom bracket, thus all but eliminating the likelihood of a dropped chain or scratched carbon. They've also designed this frame with DTI, Dual Transmission Integration, so if you ever decide to return to mechanical shifting, you can easily.</p> <p>The BMC Granfondo GF01 Ultegra Di2 Disc Bike brings pro performance without the flash.</p>
$ 3599.00 New