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2017 Argon 18 Krypton Ultegra Bike <p>This Canadian brand has been refining its craft for more than 25 years, and the Krypton model has evolved over the past few years to become a rider-friendly performance bike that&rsquo;s perfect for long rides and less than ideal roads. It boasts many of the same features and technologies of the more aggressive Gallium Pro bike, but places a stronger emphasis on rider comfort. </p> <p>Built from a new 5750 HM carbon composite material, the Krypton frame features Argon 18&rsquo;s &ldquo;Optimal Balance&rdquo; design and fabrication philosophy. This concept, familiar to anyone who knows the Argon 18 brand, is all about engineering the ideal blend of rigidity, comfort and light weight based on certain targeted ride qualities. </p> <p>For the new Krypton, that quality could be described as efficient yet comfortable. The bike&rsquo;s designers experimented with tube shapes and different carbon layups to achieve the comfy, compliant ride they were aiming for. And they made a few key updates for 2015, including more relaxed geometry and a switch to a smaller diameter 27.2mm seatpost to help smooth out road vibrations. </p> <p>While it&rsquo;s common for endurance-oriented road bikes to have taller head tubes for a more comfortable riding position, the Krypton has its own unique solution to serving riders of different sizes and various positioning preferences. The 3D head tube system essentially lets you choose from three different head tube lengths for any given frame size (there are seven sizes, ranging from XXS to XL). </p> <p>The 3D setup lets you raise or lower the handlebar position without relying on traditional headset spacers. According to Argon 18 test results, raising the bar 15mm lets you retain 5 percent more rigidity compared to standard setups. And raising it 25mm saves 11 percent. </p> <p>Beyond the head tube adjustability, the Krypton further addresses fit and comfort with its Horizontal Dual System (HDS). Imagine a diagonal line running from the head tube down to the rear dropouts. Everything below the line represents the &ldquo;Power Zone,&rdquo; where rigidity matters most. In the case of the Krypton, that means an oversized head tube up front to ensure crisp, precise handling while cornering or sprinting, plus a massive bottom bracket area and asymmetrical chainstays to maximize every bit of energy you put into the pedals. </p> <p>The &ldquo;Comfort Zone&rdquo; consists of smaller, thinner frame tubing up top to add compliance and give it a smoother ride. The Krypton&rsquo;s thin seatstays help absorb and dissipate road vibrations, and the carbon fiber seatpost adds even more road-smoothing comfort. (The post is reversible, allowing -15mm or -25mm setback.) </p> <p>It all adds up to a frame that weighs in at 1195 grams (size medium). The carbon fiber fork weighs 420 grams, and the reversible 27.2mm carbon seatpost weighs 275 grams. The frame also has added clearance and can fit tires up to 28mm if you want added rubber for rough roads and even a little dirt. It has a BB86 bottom bracket, and this model is built up with the reliable Shimano Ultegra components kit. </p>
$ 1899.99 New