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Bike Geometry
Scott MTB Elite Boa Shoes <p>If you&rsquo;ve been scrolling through the Scott mountain bike shoe options, by the time you reach the Scott MTB Elite Boa, you are probably in quite a quandary: so much choice! And then looking at the MTB Elite Boas, you may be having trouble justifying jumping to the higher priced options in view of the fact that you get so much with this entry-level version. </p> <p>The MTB Elite Boa is a shoe that will work for you whether you are inclined to take long tours and want a shoe that is easy to walk in, or are a hard-core mountain biker who spends most of his days and even nights in the backcountry. The utilitarian emphasis is due largely to the comfort to stiffness ratio. The outsoles are made from fiberglass-reinforced nylon that gives the soles a stiffness level of 7, quite close even to the stiffest carbon soles in the Scott range. But they do allow for a cushioning resilience that will make them comfortable whether you are walking or hammering the pedals over singletrack trails. And for those times you are afoot, Scott uses what they call their Sticki Rubber for the tread. The word &ldquo;Sticki&rdquo; might give you pause, but you won&rsquo;t have to worry about feeling like you are taped to the ground. Rather you will barely notice anything until you are forced to scramble up some rock formations and realize that the tacky nature of the tread does keep you from slipping dangerously down the steep incline. </p> <p>For the uppers, Scott has obligingly made their Boa closure system available at one of the most reasonable price points on the market. Boa uses a steel lace with nylon guides and a mechanical reel to help the rider get the best, most custom fit possible with the least amount of effort. The balanced closure and lack of pressure points means that you&rsquo;ll feel as comfortable in the MTB Elite Boa shoes as you do in your bedroom slippers. You can get them on and off as easily. Not only that, but on-the-move adjustments are much easier and safer than any other closure system, including ratchets, which often move easily only in one direction. And since these shoes will suit you in all but the coldest conditions, it&rsquo;s important to note that the Boa design shed water, mud, and ice with no problem. The uppers themselves are made from microfiber with a 3D Airmesh strategically placed so your feet can breathe. It will conform and move with your foot, adding to the comfort level and enhancing the Sport Fit, which gives you support without suffering that ski-boot feel.</p> <p>Scott has included its ErgoLogic Footbed. Scott has spent a great deal of time and research to find the best way to create a footbed that will provide the essential level of support for a wide variety of riders. That&rsquo;s because Scott uses something they call &ldquo;foot zoning&rdquo; in their footpad, which gives them the anatomical pre-shape of a footpad that will provide the required support to facilitate the power transfer while cycling. Design genius then kicks in with the addition of modular footbed sections that allow the rider to individualize the footpad according to his requirements. There are removable options for the metatarsal pad, which will help distribute the pressure evenly, eliminating numbness around the ball of the foot. In addition to that there are interchangeable arch adjustment pads to help you customize your arch support, which will keep your foot properly aligned within the shoe. And so that you won&rsquo;t have to worry about heel slippage, the heel cradle hugs the heel in a way that it is well supported and properly aligned with the ankle joints while riding.</p> <p>The Scott MTB Elite Boa shoe is made for cyclists who want to feel at home in the mountains and the lowlands both. Weighing in at 360 grams in a size 8.5, you&rsquo;ll be amazed at the value for money the MTB Elite Boa shoes guarantee.</p>
$ 104.99 New