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P-09 Aero Helmet Specifications

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Louis Garneau P-09 Aero Helmet <p>Louis Garneau's new top-shelf, go-fast, aerodynamic helmet is the P-09, suitable for time trials and triathlons. Louis Garneau has been among the top manufacturers of aero helmets for decades, and all of that expertise goes into the P-09. </p> <p>The dimples across the front of the preceding Vorttice model remain, but the P-09 features better aerodynamics, improved comfort, and an upgraded integrated lens system. Typically with aero helmets, racers will trade airflow and comfort for speed. With the P-09, the &ldquo;Speed Port&rdquo; channels air into the front of the helmet, across the rider's head, and out behind the ears, preventing pressure from building up inside the helmet, which would result in increased drag, and letting the rider stay cooler for longer. In addition to being more comfortable, a lower body temperature means a better, faster ride. A front vent plug is also available for the front opening, allowing customization of the level of air flow. </p> <p>The P-09's inverted &ldquo;Boat Tail&rdquo; at the back of the helmet creates less turbulence as air passes across the top and onto the rider's back. Details such as this matter: better airflow and &ldquo;cleaner air&rdquo; mean more speed moving forward. </p> <p>The visor lens easily tilts up, making it a cinch to get into the helmet – particularly important to triathletes in transitions. The lens itself clips into and out of the helmet easily – a quick, one-handed operation. And should you ever want a different tint or to swap out a scratched lens, replacements are available. Visor shields are great for a clean, unobstructed view when you're long and low, with your head down and neck turtled out. The P-09 system is a winner. </p> <p>Garneau uses the Spiderlock Pro II adjustment system to ensure a perfect fit. The entire system can be adjusted vertically to position it in just the right spot at the back of the rider's head, and an anti-slip wheel ratchets tighter or looser with ease. </p> <p>And while weight typically isn't one of the primary concerns for an aero helmet, at just 350 grams, your neck will thank you in longer events, and you'll have little need to consider a lighter lid for hillier courses. </p> <p>Decreasing your aerodynamic drag results in huge gains. The Louis Garneau P-09 Helmet does that while offering improved adjustability, great heat dissipation, and an integrated lens system all in a lightweight package. </p>
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