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General Information

Bolide TT Frameset Specifications

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Bolide TT Frameset Geometry / Size Chart

Bike Geometry
Pinarello Bolide TT Frameset <p>Pinarello debuted their new Bolide TT at the 2016 Giro d&rsquo;Italia under Mikel Landa for his general classification assault. It was then given to the entire Team Sky squad at the Tour de France, where Chris Froome used it in both the rolling and hilly time trials to cement his general classification advantage and win his third Tour. It is both lighter and faster than the older Bolide, something Team Sky certainly wished for-and was able to take advantage of. The weight reduction is pretty impressive, 350g, meaning a 52 frame weighs 1044g. The aero savings add up to even greater speeds.</p> <p>Just looking at the new Bolide TT design tells you it&rsquo;s faster. The shaping is sleeker everywhere. Start with the aero fork tips. They have an elongated trailing edge, which is both structural (it is UCI-approved, after all), and aerodynamic. The fork legs are more widely-spaced to provide more room for wide-rimmed wheels, and are also narrower when seen from the front, to cut through the wind better. The bayonet fork&rsquo;s head tube cover section, is likewise further shaped to present a better leading edge. The scallops on the head tube, top tube, and seat tube better channel wind smoothly around the bike. The downtube hugs the front wheel more closely for the upper section, and the lower section is concave on the trailing edge to better shield a round water bottle from the wind as well as improve airflow around the seat tube and wheels.</p> <p>Even the cover over the integrated rear brake has been refined for better airflow over this important trailing edge. The brake is where you see some of Pinarello&rsquo;s smarts. They mount it atop the chainstay rather than under the bottom bracket. This is a plus for maintenance, as it stays cleaner, and is easier to work on. It&rsquo;s also a plus in terms of frame design. Frames typically flex more at the bottom bracket than at the top of the seat stay, meaning that Pinarello doesn&rsquo;t need to add unnecessary weight just to prevent the rear brake from rubbing when spiking the watts.</p> <p>Pinarello also tweaked the geometry of the frame for greater speed. There is less stack and more reach than on the previous iteration of the Bolide. This means the rider can get lower more easily. The flip side is that if you&rsquo;re not super-flexible, you may want to size up. </p> <p>The handlebars come with and are integrated with the stem and frame. The base bar, complete with integrated brakes is 40cm wide. The extensions can be adjusted for width, length, and height. The narrowest position is 110mm between the pads, as measured from center of each extension and can be widened to 190mm in four 20mm steps. To further fine-tune, the pads themselves can move 15mm left or right and fore and aft when in any of those four positions. In terms of pad height, you can have them flush with the bars or add up to 4cm of spacers. With the extensions, you have a choice between straight and a 23-degree ski-bend. </p> <p>The integrated stem, which sits flush with the top tube comes in two sizes, 10cm or 12cm long, and each has 1cm of fore-aft adjustment, allowing you to shorten the 10cm stem to 9cm, and the 12cm to 11cm. The 45 and 48.5 come with the 10cm stem. The  52 and 55 come with the 12cm stem.</p> <p>The integrated seatpost comes with no setback at all. Considering the frame comes with a 77-degree seat angle, most will probably want the zero setback option. There is an option for one with -22mm of setback </p> <p>Pinarello uses a tapered head tube, but the taper is less dramatic than on their road bikes. It&rsquo;s a 1 1/8&rdquo; to 1 ¼&rdquo;, owing to the desire for less frontal area as well as the reduced need for sprinting. The bottom bracket is Italian-threaded, as is their wont. Easy to source, easy to work on. Max tire width is officially 23mm, but chances are most 25&rsquo;s will fit-you&rsquo;ll want to check your tire/rim combo before committing.</p>
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