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Forerunner 735XT Run Bundle Multisport Computer Specifications

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Forerunner 735XT Run Bundle Multisport Computer Information

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Garmin Forerunner 735XT Run Bundle Multisport Computer <p>The Garmin Forerunner 735XT is a multi-sport watch that not only has GPS, but also can function as your single monitor for your multi-sport days and life. It can work with your swim, your bike, your run, your hike, your whatever outdoor activity you&rsquo;re doing. You can set up the screen so you can observe your metrics as you&rsquo;re in the midst, or you can leave the screen as a watch, then upload and review later.</p> <p>It&rsquo;s looks like, and can function like, a watch. The watch face is 1.23&rdquo; (31.1mm) in diameter. A bit large, but large wristwatches are in these days. The band is soft, rubbery, conformable, and can be replaced when worn out or when you want to coordinate. So you can wear it to work, to the store, as your daily device. The difference is the GPS, and with the watch humming on all fronts-GPS, plus a few ANT+ accessories, plus links to your smartphone, burn time is about fourteen hours. It can go up to eleven days in watch mode, which includes activity tracking, smart notifications, and optical heart rate readings.</p> <p>There&rsquo;s so much going on with this device that it&rsquo;s hard to know where to begin. We&rsquo;ll start with the optical heart rate. It&rsquo;s built into the back of the watch. You don&rsquo;t need to strap on a monitor to find and record your heart rate. Though going with the right heart rate strap can add running and cycling metrics, if you need those things. And you can link the watch to foot pods, speedometers, cadence meters, power meters, so long as they broadcast the ANT+ signal. You can program in different profiles so it knows which screens to show and which devices to look for. </p> <p>The watch can be used to track all stages of your triathlon or multi-sport event. So long as you set it up to find the signals, it will find them and record them. </p> <p>It&rsquo;s, of course, more than a race watch. It&rsquo;s a training device that can provide you with a virtual training partner, let you compete against earlier activities you&rsquo;ve recorded, it can figure out things like heart rate percentages, power percentages, threshold, calories, kilojoules, training effect. It can provide you with stroke and stride analysis. You can program in training routines. It can calculate your Strava suffer score. You can get push notifications from your phone (messages, texts, etc.). The watch, if worn in your sleep, can even evaluate and analyze your sleep patterns. </p> <p>Garmin places all their products in their world. The watch comes with a charging clip, which also doubles as your upload cable for your computer. You can also send files from your watch through your smartphone to the cloud and Garmin Connect, which itself can connect with other cloud-based programs like Strava. </p> <p>There are three iterations of the 735XT. There&rsquo;s the &ldquo;Standard,&rdquo; the &ldquo;Run,&rdquo; and the &ldquo;Tri.&rdquo;  The Standard is just the GPS watch and charging clip, though it includes a heart rate monitor in the back. </p> <p>The Run bundle adds Garmin&rsquo;s ANT+ enabled HRM-Run monitor. The monitor has a HRM transmitter, a bit of a redundancy, but it also has an accelerometer that allows the unit to broadcast three additional metrics: cadence, vertical oscillation, and ground contact time. These three things will help you diagnose your stride and improve your running. </p> <p>The Tri bundle includes Garmin&rsquo;s HRM-Swim and HRM-Tri monitors. The HRM-Swim is designed for pool use. The band is wider and less stretchy, and can record your heart rate while swimming, as well as motion dynamics-and you don&rsquo;t need the 735XT or any monitor to record for you-it&rsquo;s built into the transmitter. Up to 20 hours can be recorded. It can be used elsewhere, but it&rsquo;s not super-comfy. The HRM-Tri is designed to be the single heart rate transmitter for all three legs of your triathlon. It works just like the HRM-Run, but can be worn in the water, though it&rsquo;s better for open-water swims than pool duty (with the pool, it can probably withstand 50 swims in total). And the HRM-Tri, just like the –Run and –Swim, can record heart rate data without a monitor present.</p> <p>Whew. The Garmin Forerunner 735XT is a GPS watch that coordinates all your training activities, no matter how exotic or mundane. Strap it on.</p>
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