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Trail T2 Shoes Specifications

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Trail T2 Shoes Information

Salming Trail T2 Shoes <p>Trail running is both easier and harder on your feet and footwear. Salming responds to both needs with their Trail T2 Shoe. It recognizes the unique demands of trail running.</p> <p>Without cement to pound your body into putty, trails can be easy on your feet. The same can't be written of what trails do to shoes. The trail can be cushioned like loamy dirt, but it also can possess rock, gravel, thorny bushes, and more. The sole itself needs to be durable. And since the ground is not guaranteed to be sticky, your rubber must be. That's why Salming utilizes not only their most durable rubber compound, but also a non-slip lug geometry so that the shoe will lock on to whatever you're going over. The same elements can tear away a gossamer upper, so Salming deploys their RocShield, a polyurethane covering the lower part of the upper—from the sole up around the sides of your feet. It also protects your feet from nicks and scrapes.</p> <p>The Rule of Five represents the principles behind Salming footwear. Light, flexible, flat, thin, comfortable. It's the basis of all their platforms. The 5mm drop puts your foot in a natural position, allowing you to take advantage of your foot's spring and flexibility. The RunLite midsole stabilizes the underside of your foot and gives you a better feel for the ground. </p> <p>Salming's most famous features are found. There's the TGS 62/75, which is their way of controlling the shoe fore-aft flex to mimic the foot's natural flexion. There's a flex point 62% of the distance from the heel to the toe. And rather than flexing straight across, the flex point is at a 75-degree angle, which mimics how the ball of your foot is angled across from the outside to the inside. There is a Torsion Efficiency Unit connecting the heel to the forefoot. As the name indicates it limits torsional flex and focuses that energy into forward propulsion. And, as with all Salming shoes, the upper is light and thin and bonded to an exoskeleton that wraps around the foot, keeping it firmly in place and eliminating lateral slop.</p> <p>The Salming Trail T2 Shoe is no fail.</p>
$ 70.00 New