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2016 Orbea Orca M20 Speed Bike <p>The Orbea Orca OMP is where you see how trickle-down technology results in a great bike at a great price. This comes out of the same molds as the WorldTour-level Orca OMR, but utilizes a more durable carbon mix in the layup. The result is a bike that rides largely the same, with the same aerodynamics, same stiffness, same comfort, same ride, just a bit heavier-they need to use more material to yield the same characteristics. </p> <p>Road bikes are probably the most highly-refined cycling machines you can find. So it&rsquo;s impressive that Orbea found room to dramatically improve their Orca Performance Frameset. The bike is 20% smoother, 19% stiffer, and rides better than the old Orca OMP. It&rsquo;s also 180g lighter than the previous iteration. </p> <p>Orbea started by refining their production methods. The frame utilizes OMP, Orbea Monocoque Performance, carbon, but how they set up the material for the mold has changed. They&rsquo;ve stopped using bladders and started using EPS foam. Better, more consistent compaction, for a stiffer bike, and less weight, as the frame no longer has the bladders inside. They then optimized their lay-up, working to move materials around and shifting shapes so there&rsquo;s more material and bigger shapes where you need stiffness, and less where you don&rsquo;t. They also reduced the number of aluminum inserts necessary for the frame, another weight reduction tactic.</p> <p>Orbea also switched the Orca to a dramatically tapered 1 1/8&rdquo; to 1 1/2&rdquo; steerer for added steering precision with no weight increase. They moved to a BB86 bottom bracket shell so not only could the bottom bracket weigh less, but the area around it could be lighter and stiffer. They moved to a round 27.2mm seat post for a lighter clamp and post as well as for greater comfort.</p> <p>Knowing the value of aerodynamics, they shaped the head tube, fork, and down tube to minimize what the wind sees, giving you a speed boost with no cost in weight or stiffness. </p> <p>All these changes result in the bike being more efficient than the old Orca. By this, they mean that the bike goes faster for the same effort, as manifested by the improvements in aerodynamics, rigidity, and weight. </p> <p>They also refined their sizing. The Orca comes in seven sizes, and there&rsquo;s a linear progression in stack and reach measurements from the smallest to the largest. It&rsquo;s easier than ever to fit on an Orca.</p> <p>The ride, oh baby, that&rsquo;s what is most exciting. The greater stiffness at the front end translates into better sprinting and standing climbing, the stiffness at the BB yields more power to the wheel, and the reduced materials and shapes at the seat post provide better comfort. Wins all around. Team Cofidis can ride 27mm tubulars in these bikes when they&rsquo;re facing cobbled classics, so you&rsquo;ve got some tire flexibility as well. </p> <p>In terms of setup, the frameset comes with an FSA headset, a seat collar, front derailleur hanger, and sets of both cable stops and grommets so you can decide for yourself whether you want to run mechanical or electronic shifting internally or externally. If you choose to go the electronic route, the battery can be mounted externally under the left chain stay or internally-internal folks are limited to Shimano Di2. And there are magnet mounting spots for a SRM or Quarq crank-based power meter. </p> <p>The Orbea Orca OMP is more of everything good in a bike. </p>
$ 3999.00 New