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Kask REX Helmet <p>If you already use a Kask road helmet, then there won’t be any trouble in convincing you to go with the Kask REX Helmet for all your off-road adventures. But for those mountain bikers who are unfamiliar with the Italian company, you’ll definitely want to have a look at the REX since Kask has taken their innovative style to the next level of all-round protection and comfort.</p> <p>Being in charge of development and testing of new bike products sounds like a dream job to most of us. Who wouldn’t want to have first dibs at new helmets, bikes, clothes? But it is also a serious business, especially when we’re talking protective gear like helmets. These things are first and foremost supposed to save your life when the unexpected happens. Kask has spent a great deal of time, effort and money to design and then test their REX helmet so that you can go out to your 24 hour marathon race knowing that your lid is well protected from slips, flips, slide-outs, and all the other untoward accidents that can always happen. Creating a protective layer between your noggin and the ground starts with Kask’s Multi In-Molding Technology, which has the typical cycling acronym: MIT. What they do is create a polycarbonate cover. Polycarbonate is a thermoplastic that is renowned for having high impact strength while not becoming malleable even at very high temperatures. So Kask uses this light, durable material and then heat molds it to the top, base ring, and back of the helmet’s shell, which is then all united to the inner polystyrene cap in order to improve the rigidity and shock absorption of the helmet. And recognizing that flipping over your bars is not an uncommon occurrence on the trails, the Kask REX has a full coverage at the rear that extends far enough down to cover the lower occipital bone, while small sections in front of the ears provide good temple protection.</p> <p>As for the interior of the helmet, Kask uses what it calls the Octo Fit adjustment system, which is as simple as it is effective. There is an adjustable tab on the inside of the helmet that allows you to expand the polystyrene body both at your temples and at the rear. You can also count on an impressive amount of height adjustment as well. Whether you are a small rider with a small head, or a very tall rider who has always felt like most helmets just sit on the top of your cranium, the Kask REX can be adjusted to accommodate both extremes. To ensure your comfort further, Kask has provided antibacterial and antimicrobial inner padding. It is removable and can be washed once it does start to give off the aroma of hard work. The material itself is made from Coolmax, which means that it will be an amazingly effective fabric to wick away your sweat. The honeycombed surface will enhance the wicking capabilities and encourage a well-aired surface. The padding is an open cell, multi-layer material that will give you a gratifying amount of cushion while still working hard to keep you free of eye-stinging sweat. </p> <p>Kask includes comfort-only flourishes like an eco-leather chinstrap that adds a few grams but also prevents the smelly chaffing we all have suffered from salt-encrusted rough poly chin straps. In spite of the fact it is leather, it is a nonallergic and washable chinstrap that will stay supple no matter how salty your sweat. Twenty vents all around the helmet will help keep your lid aired, whether you are hammering a descent or hoofing it up a ski slope with your DH bike.</p> <p>The Kask REX comes in two sizes: medium, which will accommodate heads between 52 and 58cm round while the large will work for heads between 59 and 62cm. It weighs just 270 grams, which makes the REX among the lightest MTB-specific lids on the market. The REX has passed the CPSC helmet standards for the US and if you do have the misfortune to crash your Kask REX within a year after purchase, Kask America will offer you a 25% discount, according to current prices, on a replacement Kask helmet. All you do is take it, along with your proof of purchase, to an authorized Kask dealer and they’ll get you set up.</p>
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