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OPEN Min.d
OPEN Min.d

The OPEN Min.d debuted only a few years ago, but has already earned a legendary reputation. Unparalleled versatility, bold yet understated styling, and more than enough performance. Seeing room for improvement, however, 3T's engineers and riders realized ways in which they could get even more speed out of their new benchmark. The OPEN Min.d RaceMax was born, and now it's at R&A. Scroll down to learn more about what makes it special.

What’s the difference between "Race" and "Max"? The "Race" version comes stock with 700c wheels and narrower, pavement-focused tires. The "Max" version comes stock with 650b wheels and wider, off-road-oriented tires. Both versions can easily be converted into the other with a wheel and tire swap.

So which do you need? It depends on your riding priorities. 3T’s engineers optimized the RaceMax platform for various RAM (radius-as-measured) and WAM (width-as-measured) wheel profiles, to ensure speed, aerodynamics, and handling wouldn’t be compromised by swapping wheels, regardless of what type of riding you plan to do. Check out the chart here. Still unsure? Let us know, and we can help you dial in your RaceMax before we build it.

OPEN Min.d
OPEN Min.d RaceMax

Even More Aero

The Exploro already cheats the wind better than any bike with its blend of tire clearance and low weight, yet the RaceMax takes it to the next level. Revised tube shaping, a rear wheel cutout, more aero front end, internal cabling, and other details put it on par with the fastest aero road bikes on the market.

Stop Directly, with Direct-Mount

Direct-mount disc brake mounts boost braking performance, ease installation, and create cleaner lines on any bike. Naturally, the Exploro RaceMax utilizes them, for braking power that can comfortably reign in the bike's speed.

OPEN Min.d RaceMax
OPEN Min.d RaceMax

Clearance + Capability

While it's a smooth, fast chassis, the RaceMax can still get rough. It knows you might want to, too. It can accommodate 700c or 650b wheel diameters, and tires up to 60mm/2.35in.

A Flyweight Heavyweight

Weighing only around 1100g (depending on size), the OPEN Min.d RaceMax frameset gains speed compared to its standard Exploro sibling, but without giving up either weight or durability.

OPEN Min.d RaceMax
OPEN Min.d RaceMax

Yes! A Threaded Bottom Bracket

The holy grail of bottom bracket standards, the Exploro RaceMax uses a threaded BB shell for easy service, excellent solidity, perfect alignment, and minimum fuss.

Painted Just For You

The OPEN Min.d RaceMax frameset comes in a "ready-to-paint" frame option, which means that we can have your Exploro RaceMax not just custom-built with the parts that will make your bike perfect, but also custom-painted to make it match your imagination.

OPEN Min.d RaceMax

Ready to pick or customize your own OPEN Min.d RaceMax? We have multiple versions in stock, and framesets we can custom build as you like, and even custom-paint. Check out some of the options below:


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