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Size Chest
S 37-38cm
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XL 43-44cm
2XL 45-46cm
3XL 47-48cm
Giordana NX-G Short Sleeve Jersey <p>Sometimes the simplest designs are the most complicated to create. For their next generation jersey, Giordana wanted to fuse aero, comfort, wicking ability and lightweight all in one nifty package. The Giordana NX-G Short Sleeve Jersey is the result and it is amazing.</p> <p>You may think thermal bonding is unnecessarily complicated, but Giordana democratizes it by making it one of the hallmarks of this piece. It almost defines the whole NX-G jersey. Sticking with the goal of keeping seams to a minimum, Giordana mitigates whatever downside seams present by using thermal bonding technology to make them tantamount to invisible or non-existent. Then the fabrics used work together to create a second skin fit, helped along by the smoothness of the side that touches the body. The all-way stretch qualities of the material add to the feeling that it is working with you. The shoulder fabric especially benefits from this smart-stretching material since it helps the jersey smoothly cover your shoulders and offers no gaps or bulges in the riding position, nor does it pull uncomfortably when you are standing off the bike. Another feature important to the fit is what they call their Hammerhead Shoulder Design. It also helps the material extends around the shoulder and stretches from one end to the other, ensuring that the jersey will stay in place and will eliminate any excess fabric. The fact that the material will sit next to your skin, without being overly restrictive, will help the fabric do what it is supposed to do and wick the moisture away from your torso. The weave of the material has been specialized to create the perfect push-pull effect since the exterior and interior offer different weaves, creating channels through which the sweat can be moved away from your body and out to the open to ventilate quickly. The back of the jersey uses a textured microfiber that breaks the airflow to aid in the aerodynamics. They have even added a ceramic fiber in the weave to enhance the moisture management, UV protection, and antibacterial protection.</p> <p>The front of the jersey then uses a poly microfiber that includes a touch of Lycra, which is essential to the second skin effect Giordana wants. What you&rsquo;ll really love though is how soft the brushed interior makes it feel; you won&rsquo;t want to have to wear a baselayer with this one. With a nod towards aerodynamics, nothing is worse than having your sleeves ill-fitting and flapping in the wind. So Giordana has made them slightly longer than usual, and laser cut them with a soft, doubled up edge to offer a lightweight solution to keeping it aero and comfortable. Similarly, the collar has been designed to sculpt to your shape, further reducing drag. The three rear pockets are generous and designed to remain stable even when loaded to capacity. The use of the all-way stretch fabric eliminates sagging since it is so resilient. And then a fourth zippered pocket will give you space to secure those small items you simply can&rsquo;t lose in the course of a ride, like your house keys. And the full-length Camlock zipper will make ventilating easy and quick.</p> <p>The Giordana NX-G Short Sleeve Jersey will give you a whole new perspective on what you should expect from high-performance cycling clothing.</p>
$ 225.00 New