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Due to dealer restrictions, some products are not available on-line. Please give us a call at 1-800-825-3762 or 718-222-6000 to discuss your options.

Due to dealer restrictions, some products are not available on-line. Please give us a call at 1-800-825-3762 or 718-222-6000 to discuss your options.

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Kestrel 200 EMS Frameset Information

Kestrel 200 EMS Frameset Specifications

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Kestrel 200 EMS Frameset Geometry

Why buy or ship a bike with R&A Cycles?

Shipping bikes can be tricky. They are big and bulky yet delicate. Shipping your passion/investment is not something we take lightly. We go through meticulous detail to ensure that your new ride will get to you in perfect condition.


So you're thinking about purchasing the bike of your dreams? We put together this video to outline the R&A concept of shipping bikes and the steps we take to get your new bike to you in perfect condition. It outlines the steps we carefully follow to assemble your bike, making it as easy as possible to get your bike ready to ride and on the road when you receive it. This video also shares tips and tricks for removing all of your parts in the most careful way to ensure you are riding as quickly as possible.

* Not all bikes are equal so some bikes might not fit in the transporter and or might be packaged differently in it for safe travels.

What exactly goes in to building your dream machine?


It used to take a good mechanic less than an hour and a half to build a bike from a bare frame to a complete bike. Now, with the advent of aero bikes, disc brakes, internal cable, and brake hose lines, it takes much longer. As cycling technology progresses, it becomes more and more important to trust a high-quality mechanic with your build. At R&A Cycles, you can always be sure that your bike is in great hands with our world-class team. We wanted to share with you the time it now takes to build a complete bike from the ground up.