Take advantage of the biggest sale ever in the history of R&A Cycles. The winter is here and our partners want to move old stock to lucky cyclist who deserve it rather then letting it collect dust in our warehouses.


  • This sale is so good that bikes bought are being shipped with assembly required.
  • Any evident issues will be called out prior to shipping but specifications are subject to change. We will make sure specifications are close to or equal in value to original specification. Frames might vary where headsets on some are not included although noted. Note: These are rare circumstances and we will do our best to make you aware of them.
  • All items are final sale. Items sold prior to sale are not price protected by this sale as it is based on warehouse stock levels. Please do not email or call to request a lower price, we have no movement on this product.
  • If you purchase a bike and would like it assembled, call us immediately after your purchase at 718.222.6000 and we can offer the standard R&A assembly service for an additional $100 - $250 depending on model. This may cause 48-72 hour delays in shipping.
  • Shipping rates are subject to change. We will notify you for approval if our online calculated rate is not accurate. This happens more often when multiple frames or bikes are ordered.
  • Once the sale is over it is over so please don't wait, supplies are limited and this is for the specified dates only.
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