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Sophisticated Cycling Furniture


Vadolibero is a completely new take on bike storage. From the European design capital of Milan, Vadolibero produce sophisticated pieces of furniture that enhance your home decor, celebrate your love of cycling, and turn your bike into a work of art.


Completely Italian Made

All Vadolibero furnishings are made by a carefully selected, 100% Italian supply chain of skilled craftsman and premium materials. Magnificently built using products like solid oak and walnut, fine Italian leather and satin finished stainless steel, Vadolibero’s unique articles are designed to last a lifetime.

In High Company

Vadolibero has quickly gained the attention of design connoisseurs, featuring in publications such as GQ, HYPEBeast, Wallpaper, Elle Decor, Gear Patrol, American Luxury and more. They’ve also collaborated with high end brands such as Ferrari, Giro d’Italia, Passoni, Cipollini and Bianchi.




Kyron is a stainless steel wall mount that doubles as a lock. Beautifully finished, it features a telescopic handle to accommodate any bike, and a hand stitched Italian leather frame protector in a variety of color options to match your bike or decor.

See the Vadolibero Kryon here
Vadolibero Kryon


Neos is a retro-futuristic polyurethane bike stand with additional storage for your gear. The bike is held in place on a leather covered shelf, while the top of the unit opens to reveal ample storage for helmet, gloves, bottles and other articles. Neos is a standalone unit requiring no installation or assembly. Available in a variety of colors.

See the Vadolibero Neos Mono here See the Vadolibero Neos Limited Edition Giro here
Vadolibero Neos


Origo is a freestanding cycling station made of crystal blasted stainless steel and solid wood. A perfect space saving storage solution, Origo features a top shelf with charger ports allowing you to easily top up your lights or bike computer. One large and one small drawer give ample room to store other articles, as well as 4 small hangers for accessories like bags and jackets. Available in a variety of wood finishes.

See the Vadolibero Origo here

Origo Vox

Origo Vox a high tech upgrade of the Origo, featuring built in bluetooth speakers and wireless charging technology. A remote controlled bluetooth amp is built in to the solid wood side panels, providing a discreet and high quality sound source. Compatible phones can simply be placed on the top shelf to commence charging, while 4 USB ports mounted in the drawer are available for your other devices. Available in a variety of wood finishes.

See the Vadolibero Origo Vox here
Vadolibero Kryon


Stunning contemporary floor lamp and vertical display frame. Vadolibero’s iconic handlebar shape, with dimmable LED lights that highlight the bike and illuminate the room. Beautiful and practical - the vertical storage achieves a dramatic space saving. Available in silver or matte black. Fits most wheels including MTB and fat bike.

See the Vadolibero Vertik here

Valibidero DOMUS

Vadolibero DOMUS

Make a statement

Domus beautifully displays your bicycle, and practically stores your cycling and household articles. A modular unit consisting of a solid wood frame, smart organizing spaces, storage hooks and a wheel holder that secures your bike beneath an elegant, handlebar shaped LED downlight. Available in a variety of wood finishes.

See the Vadolibero Domus here

Beautifully lit

Domus easily accommodates any kind of bike with a stainless steel universal clamp that holds and displays your bike beneath the dramatic handlebar shaped lamp. The lamp can be dimmed with a touch sensor, allowing complete control of beautiful lighting to be cast over your bike. The lamp also acts as a clothes rack, coming with two leather clothing hooks.

See the Vadolibero Domus here
Vadolibero Kryon

Modular Storage

8 solid oak pegs can be positioned to your liking, and used to hang accessories such as bags and gloves. One big drawer is included, with additional available for separate purchase. Domus is also designed with optional side unit, which can be added to either or both sides for extra storage. A smaller mag unit is also available, specifically designed to store and display books and magazines.

See the Vadolibero Domus here