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No Nonsense - Introducing Salming Running

Salming has arrived at R&A, and it's not hard to see why. Hailing from Sweden since 1991, and named for one of the country's most prolific athletes – Börje "The King" Salming – the company's approach to product is unlike any other. Salming applies its motto of “No Nonsense” to everything from product development to marketing to competition, and it shows. Drawing from experience developing footwear for squash, handball, and floorball, Salming's running shoes address needs you didn't even realize you had – which is why the brand is fast catching on with athletes around the world. Click through to learn more about Salming, and why R&A has chosen to carry their products.

So what do the Swedes bring to the table?

Take a glance at just a bit of Salming's unique approach to the sport of running and the physiology of the runner.

Salming Running Shoes

Running the Numbers

The numbers 62 and 75 mean little out of context, but to Salming, they create the context. The ball of the foot is located an average of 62% of the distance to the toe, and the so-called 75-degree “ballet line” across the foot at this point is the most active point of flexion while running. This “62/75” concept is integrated into the development of every aspect of every Salming shoe, via special materials and designs, to ensure natural foot movement.

Salming Running Shoes

A New Twist

Every foot experiences a bit of twist, or torsion, through every phase of its strike while running. While this is mostly an afterthought to many manufacturers – because it's very difficult to integrate into product development – Salming uses it to the runner's advantage. The company's Torsion Efficiency Unit capitalizes on these subtle twisting forces, lessening the severity of impact while also aiding in the propulsion to the next step.

Salming Running Shoes

An Upper That Goes Deeper

Not all running shoe uppers are created equal. Though usually considered secondary in importance to the base, the shoe's upper is a top focus for Salming's engineers. Comprised of either two or three specially engineered layers – depending on which shoe model – the upper is used to keep the foot properly in place on the footbed, allowing only the natural and necessary movement that occurs, reducing friction and pain while increasing efficiency and comfort.

Salming Running Shoes

Giving Back

Salming's RECOIL midsole is a game changer in itself. Working in conjunction with the aforementioned Torsion Efficiency Unit, the RECOIL midsole focuses on utilizing the athlete's natural motion to propel them more fluidly to both save energy and minimize discomfort. RECOIL captures impact forces that would otherwise return to the foot too quickly – before it's ready to push again – keeping those forces “charged” in the midsole for an extra split second, maximizing energy return exactly when you need it.

Salming Miles Shoes

Salming Miles


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Salming Distance 3


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