Lower Weight, Less Friction, Longer Life
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It's so obvious, yet so easily overlooked. Your pedaling forces aren't just up against gravity and leverage. There's drag in your drivetrain, and when you add it all up, over all those miles you ride, it's a lot of resistance you don't even realize you're facing. That's where CeramicSpeed OS Pulleys comes in. The Danish company has been refining ceramic bearing technology since 2000, when they first introduced ceramic bearings to cycling, blowing away engineers and athletes alike. Ceramic ball bearings are an obvious upgrade your drivetrain in every way: they're smoother, lighter, and last up to 60% longer than traditional steel bearings. CeramicSpeed goes the extra mile by making sure their OS Pulleys look great, too, giving you one less excuse not to make such an obvious upgrade. Order some from R&A to feel the speed you've been missing.


Ceramic ball bearings are up to 50% lighter than steel bearings. While this may not sound like a lot, the advantage of saving a few grams of inert weight here and there on your bike adds up, so spinning happens just that much faster.

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Ceramic bearings can be manufactured more precisely than steel ones, which not only makes them spin even faster, but it improves bearing life, by virtually eliminating pitting and seizing which can occur as steel bearings wear out.

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Ceramic bearings can be up to eight times stronger than steel bearings, dramatically reducing the likelihood of bearing failure. Longevity improves, as well, allowing ceramic bearings to last up to 60% longer than traditional steel ones.

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Why oversized?

Traditional, smaller pulley wheels are less efficient in your drivetrain, due to their higher levels of friction and the tighter apex the chain must reach before passing through the derailleur. CeramicSpeed's oversized pulleys solve both issues, making your drivetrain smoother and faster. For those that still want a bit of weight savings afforded by smaller, traditional pulley wheels, CeramicSpeed makes the fastest, lightest ones on the market.

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Upgrade Everywhere

CeramicSpeed's Pulley Wheel upgrades look great, but they're not at all the only CeramicSpeed upgrade you can make. Bottom brackets and chains can be upgraded with CeramicSpeed technology, speeding you up more than you ever imagined possible.

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Regular-Size Pulley

Regular-Size Pulley

Want to save some grams, or just don't like the oversized look, but still want the CeramicSpeed performance upgrade? They make regular-sized pulleys, as well.

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Ceramicspeed Chains


Looking to make your drivetrain even smoother and faster? CeramicSpeed's UFO chains can do the trick, and are lightweight, too

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Ceramicspeed Bottom Brackets

Bottom Brackets

The bearings in your bottom bracket are some of the most important on your bike. Upgrade to a CeramicSpeed BB to feel the difference.

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