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Quintana Roo Knows Tri,
and R&A knows Quintana Roo

Never one to play it safe, Quintana Roo’s approach to triathlon bike technology started decades ago when the company fashioned aero tri frames out titanium, which was revolutionary. The spirit set forth by those radical – and fast – machines is still alive and strong, and the latest and greatest from Quintana Roo proves it. The PRfive is an all-out superbike that offers unparalleled customizability and competes with bikes twice its price. QR’s previous top-dog, their CD0.1, is equally impressive, and now on sale at R&A, putting incredible capability and speed in the hands of athletes of any budget. Click through to learn more about the PRfive, the CD0.1, and the amazing prices we currently have on these machines.

Quintana Roo PRfive

Ultimate Flexibility

The configuration of your bike should be your choice. The PRfive does away with proprietary cockpit mounts so riders can mix and match their favorite bars and extensions. There are also two rear dropout types available (vertical or horizontal), and mounts to accommodate either direct or single-bolt brakes.

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Quintana Roo PRfive

Shifting the Wind

Quintana Roo long ago came to understand how much the bike’s drivetrain drags through the air, which inspired the development of their Shift+ frame design: pulling air away from the drivetrain, towards the non-drive-side of the bike, creating a far faster profile.

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Quintana Roo PRfive

Leading Edge Absent

Shift+ Technology also encompasses the unique construction of the non-drive-side chainstay. The tall profile of this part of the frame not only completely reduces drag by both further covering the rear brake and eliminating the tube’s leading edge, it also makes the bottom bracket far stiffer and more responsive to input for greater climbing and acceleration.

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Quintana Roo PRfive

Weight Counts

In a quest to claim the lowest drag coefficient, manufacturers often sacrifice higher weight for the smallest gain in aerodynamics. The PRfive manages to not only be the fastest bike on the market by various measures, it’s also lighter than it’s next SEVEN nearest competitors.

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Quintana Roo CD0.1

Don’t Get Dragged Down

Quintana Roo’s CD0.1 was the ground-breaking predecessor to the PR family of superbikes, besting today’s – and even tomorrow’s – best competitors. R&A has priced our existing CD0.1 inventory at 30% off or more. Several build options are available. If you want to achieve speeds you never thought possible at prices you never thought you’d see, click through to find out more.

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