Power Meter.

The most effective tool you can use to get faster on a bike.

Power is the most consistent and quantifiable measure of training and race performance. Power measures the direct output of your muscles. This differs from measurements like heart rate - an aerobic response that is an indicator of effort and conditioning - or speed / cadence - a result influenced by many factors.

Harness your power.

  • Eliminate guesswork from training and race day.
  • Accurate baseline to measure improvements
  • Analyse your pedal stroke
  • Help to define your weaknesses.
  • Train specifically for the demands of your event.
  • Aerodynamic position testing.

What is power (watts)?

Power = force x velocity. It shows your ability to move yourself and your bike over a given distance and time. It is independent of external factors like wind resistance and incline - the only direct and real time measure of your effort.

Know this concept. Threshold is the maximum power output you can effectively maintain while removing lactic acid produced. This is the difference between quantifiably knowing how hard you can push yourself, and having a "feel" for it.

A power meter is your energy display unit. Once you've trained and tested with power, you understand you much you have to give. The power meter shows how much you are using so you can effectively pace yourself for your training or race.

Discover the leading power meters

Quarq D Zero

Quarq D Zero & SRAM AXS
Quarq's next generation power meter, available on its own, or as part of the SRAM RED AXS Power Meter Crankset.

Discover Quarq D Zero
Garmin Vector

Garmin Vector
Pedal based power meter that is easy to install, move and connect to your Garmin ecosystem.

Discover Garmin Vector

Single and dual sided crank meters - highly accurate with 12 points of measurement per pedal stroke.

Discover Pioneer
SRM Origin

SRM Origin
The original power meter from the founders of the power based training. Crank based power that measures your torque at four points.

Discover SRM Origin
Look SRM Exakt

Look SRM Exakt
The leader in pedals and the leader in power combined for a new fully integrated pedal based power meter.

Discover Look SRM Exakt

Hand assembled in Colorado - superlight an highly accurate with a range of options to suit any bike.

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