Power for Everyone.

You don't need to be a pro to benefit from monitoring your power output. Pioneer Power Meters help you uncover your strengths and weaknesses on the bike - and nearly all riders are surprised by what they learn about themselves when they finally install one. From torque asymmetry, to specific power locations throughout your stroke, to your different endurance thresholds and heart rate, there's more to learn about your riding than you realized. Whether you're a dedicated racer or weekend spinner, now's the time to start riding smarter - and spending less money than before to do so.

Pioneer has spend decades building high-end electronics you've probably already used, like flat-screen TVs, world-class speaker systems, and much more. Now, engineers have turned their focus to another industry where they recognize an opportunity to improve the customer experience: cycling power meters, and they’ve created solutions for every level of rider.

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So what do I need?

Three ways to get a Pioneer Power Meter:

1. For the Serious Athlete.

For the dedicated racer or road warrior, a dual-sided power meter works best and provides the greatest accuracy and insights. Starting at $1299.99

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2. For the Enthusiast Rider.

For riders who don't necessarily need a competitive edge, a single-sided power meter works great. Starting at $559.99

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3. Have a Shimano crank, and want to save some money?

Another solution is to send in your existing crankset and have us install the Power Meter hardware. Starting at $999.99

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Read it right.

Your power meter is only as good as the head unit you're using it with. Pioneer Power Meters are compatible with many competitors' head units, but we strongly recommend Pioneer's easy-to-read, easy-to-use head unit, which include a heart rate monitor strap and cadence sensor.

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