The F8, Evolved

The Pinarello Dogma F8 was – and is – in discussions of the greatest all-around bikes the pro peloton has ever seen. At R&A, it’s been a best-seller, with universally positive reviews and “virality” among our customers. The fact that they could evolve the F8 so much farther, into the F10, is a testament to the dedication of Pinarello and its engineers. Every element of the F8 was analyzed and re-thought for further optimization, the result being a bike that preserves the coveted ride and solidity of the F8, but enhances performance in a tangible way for any rider. We’re excited to announce its arrival here at R&A, ready to ship around the world.

Pinarello F10

12.6% More Aero

The Pinarello Bolide time trial bike served much fodder to the F10's engineers – with details like the "fork flap" – the result being a bike with up to a whopping 12.6% reduction in drag (depending on drag location on the bike).

Pinarello F10

7% Stiffer

As with the F8, further study of frame asymmetry was explored, then employed, in developing the F10. By shifting certain structural loads to the right side of the frame, where the drivetrain is – such as a slightly right-offset seatube material and an asymmetrical bottom bracket – the F10's structural stiffness is up 7% over the remarkable F8.

Pinarello F10

6.3% Lighter

The F10's structural enhancements meant that excess material could be trimmed from various areas of the frame without sacrificing strength or stiffness. Already a relatively light machine, the F10's notable weight reduction of 6.3% compared to a like-sized F8 puts it into a elite category of rarefied performance without compromise.

Pinarello F10

Complete Integration

The F10 is virtually future-proof, with internal, integrated, and elegant routing for essentially any drivetrain on the market – and any drivetrain that may come along – including hydraulic, mechanical, electronic, wireless, or 1x systems.

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