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Pinarello Prince
Pinarello Prince

The Prince Returns

The 2021 Pinarello Prince has returned, and with his new reign comes a new design, new engineering, and a new dominance in its class. Scroll down to learn about some of the innovations that make the new Prince so remarkable.

Modernized Geometry

Pinarello's team – of both its engineers and its pro-tour riders – are well-aware that lower, more aggressive bicycle geometry doesn't suit all rides or all riders, and in fact, can make a fast rider slower in some circumstances. They used computer modeling called Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to determine a geometry schematic that faithfully replicates Pinarello's famously fast feel, while offering greater comfort from top to bottom, including a taller front stack for greater ease on the lower back.

Pinarello Prince
Pinarello Prince

Improved Aerodynamics

Pinarello's history developing its aerodynamics with Formula 1 engineers is on full display in the new Prince. One of the bike's greatest tricks is looking like a lean climbing bike, while in reality, it slips through the air better than many triathlon bikes, achieving a 12% reduction in drag compared to the previous-generation Dogma F10, and 22% reduction compared to the last Prince.

Pro-Tuned Ride

Derived from the engineering of the Dogma F12 – and what the pros who ride it demanded of it – the Prince virtually duplicates that bike's incredible balance between sharp, taut handling and a smooth, controlled ride. A wider, flatter downtube and BB junction also creates 10% more stiffness than the last Prince. The bike can easily race if you want to, but it's more than comfortable enough for long hours in the saddle, as well.

Pinarello Prince
Pinarello Prince

Full Internal Cabling

Called TiCR (Total Internal Cable Routing), the Prince further maximizes both its aerodynamics and its aesthetics by concealing the cables almost entirely from cockpit to rear axle. The drag created by external cables – even just up front – can be notable, but TiCR reduces it by an amazing 85%.

R&A is currently stocking two complete versions of the 2020 Pinarello Prince: one with Shimano's electronic Ultegra Di2 drivetrain, and one with the mechanical Ultegra drivetrain. Click below to see each.


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