BMC Impec

When Aerodynamics Become Elemental...

Named for the most abundant element in our atmosphere, the all-new 2016 Nitrogen Pro from Argon 18 is one with its surroundings. Aerodynamically tuned with the same thinking-outside-the-box engineering prowess that the company applies to its world-beating Triathlon/TT framesets, the road-ready Nitrogen Pro moves through the wind like no other, complete with Argon 18’s own included AHB5000 handlebar/stem combo that reduces drag by up to 30% over traditional round bar designs. Because speed happens in the turns, too, the Nitrogen Pro has still been dialed in with the geometry and handling characteristics of an aggressive road machine, as well, so it’s ready to charge for the line or dive into the corners. Wherever and whenever you need to dial up the velocity, the Nitrogen Pro is ready.

Smooth Moves

As with Argon 18’s Tri/TT frames, thousands of hours of wind tunnel testing have shaped the smooth lines of the Nitrogen Pro, creating a profile that moves effortlessly through the atmosphere.

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Intelligent Integration

Skipping no details to save every watt of your energy, Argon 18’s engineers tucked both the front and rear brake arms behind structural elements of the frame for lower aero drag.

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Comprehensive Cockpit

To squeeze as much speed as possible out of the frame, the Nitrogen Pro comes with Argon 18’s AHB5000 handle/stem combination, tuned for superior aerodynamics and incredible stiffness without inducing vibration or harshness.

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Less Density, More Intensity

Taking after nitrogen itself, the Nitrogen Pro frameset is low in density, weighing just 830 grams - only 40 grams more than Argon 18’s lightest frame, the Gallium Pro.

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Custom Builds

As with all of the high-end framesets we sell, we are ready to custom build your perfect Nitrogen Pro. We’re fully stocked with the best components, cockpits, and wheelsets, and we’re ready to help you build your dream machine.

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Argon 18 Nitrogen Ultegra

Not in need to Argon 18’s supreme speed machine? Our Nitrogen Ultegra Complete Bike is a fast machine for less money.

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Argon 18 Krypton

Looking for a superb all-around performance value? The Argon 18 Krypton Ultegra Complete Bike is an incredible machine for relatively small money.

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Argon 18 E119+

Looking for a dedicated Tri/TT machine, rather than an aero road bike? Argon 18's brand new E119+ frameset is even faster, more high-tech, and packs amazing fit features.

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